Ravellenic Gold!

Yes, I’ve actually finished something. More on that later. It will probably be the ONLY thing I finish for the Ravellenic Games, though. It got a bit nutty at work the past two weeks, with two partners out unexpectedly, so mostly I’ve just worked. But there are a lot of good parts to that. I get paid to work extra, which means I get a little less of the stink eye when the Yarn Truck UPS Man comes to the door.

OK, ok. I’ll show you the shopping first. I need more yarn like I need bedbugs.

I showed you the lace stuff a few posts ago. What came this week is Peace Fleece. I couldn’t help it, a bunch of their colors were on sale. They still are, if you are in need of stash enhancement.


Who knows what that will be. The color is Violet Vyehchyeerom (Russian for “evening” per the PF site). There is enough for a nice winter sweater. My other PF sweater is getting a bit beat up, since I wear it a lot.

Now on to the finish line. The Lacy Baktus is done done done.

It’s hard to tell much from that. It was a big foggy this morning when I took the photo, so it’s an inside photo with flash, and I’m too lazy to photoshop it. I’ll try to get an outside modeling shot later.

Project Details:

Yarn: My own handspun! The fiber is a 50/50 merino-bombyx blend, color name Aubergine. Here was the original fiber, from Anna at Corgi Hill Farm, to give you a better idea of the color.

Pattern: Lacy Baktus

Needles: 4 1/2 mm plastic straights, from my huge collection of plastic straight needles. I love them to pieces. Here’s a photo. I also have a set of the Knit picks Harmony 14 inch straights.

Started: July 27 2012

Finished: August 9 2012

For: Me!

What I learned: Knitting with my own handspun is an extra big kick!

What’s next around here? I have one more Ravellenic project, a tea cosy, that is just not going to get finished by tomorrow evening. I have a bunch of WIPS that need some serious work. Most importantly, we’re headed to Hawaii tomorrow! We try to plan a summer week-long vacation with John’s kids and grandkids every other year, and this year we have 3 condo units on Oahu for plenty of knitting and reading time. I’m taking sock knitting, and that Evenstar Shawl, and that’s it. We’ll have internet access there, so I’ll try to show photos.

Knit on! I’m off on Baycation*, as one of the grandsons calls it!

* Just as a reminder, the stash is very well guarded by a bunch of attack dogs minded by our house sitter, so don’t even THINK about it!


Ravellenic Gold! — 10 Comments

  1. Awesome! It’s beautiful. I love the color and the pattern is so pretty.

    I’m not going to finish in time. I got pretty far, all things considered, but I didn’t make the goal. Still pretty satisfied with giving it a shot and getting as far as I did.

  2. Well, new yarn sounds like a lot more fun than bedbugs! Congrats on the finished scarf. I think you should get extra points for using your handspun. Hmmmmm – I actually know where the stash is housed (unless you’ve moved it). I wonder if we can get Maggie to charm Lewey enough to let us in.

  3. Have fun in Hawaii! I am jealous. I miss that place. Whereabouts are you on Oahu?

  4. Great job finishing your Ravellenic project!! I’m so jealous that you are going to Oahu for a nice long baycation. Have a great time!!

  5. Well, congratulations on finishing!

    Every time the UPS truck arrives and I carry the package in, DH then says, “So you got more yarn.” The sad thing is that I have been very virtuous this year, and I have knitted only from my stash. (Disclaimer: I will be headed to the Stitches East Marketplace and to Rhinebeck, and I’ve already set my budget and started my wish list.) Peace Fleece has been on my radar for about a year now–it will be hard to resist that sale.