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I’m finally getting around to going through all the fine pattern suggestions you guys left on the contest post. I’m not even close to being finished looking at them, but here are a few of my (mostly) new-to-me favorites so far.

2011 KALendar shawl, by Carmen Oliveras. I linked one of the finished shawls, since there isn’t a photo on the main project page.

Claire’s Shawl, by Amanda Gill. Being an Outlander fan, I’ll have to make this one. I do think Claire would likely have worn something more practical and warm, however.

Recess for Grownups Mittens, by Annie Watts; very cute!

Sugared Violets shawl, by Rose Beck. I’m saving up patterns for fingering weight small shawls. It’s a great way to use up all that sock yarn I have.

Firmaments Lace Shawl, by Bonnie Sennott. I actually have the pattern for this one already. And y’all know I have the yarn.

Occhielli Cowl, by Connie Seibert. This would be great to use up those oddball skeins of yarn I collect.

Ok, that’s enough of those for one day. That’s only from about a half dozen of the comments. I’ve added all of those to my Ravelry favorites, which is getting very long indeed. I just need to plan to live to 140.

I am SO ready for nice weather to really get here. We had a lovely day yesterday, I think it actually hit 70 for a few seconds, and it was sunny most of the day. Today it’s back in the 50’s, we had a moment of sunshine, and now it’s cloudy and probably going to rain again. Again. I am so sick of rain, we had the wettest March on record around here. But the tulips and daffodils have bloomed, and the ducks have paired up on the lake and baby ducks can’t be far behind. Willie found his first baby bunny of the season yesterday. He has been cooped up inside all winter and is just getting owly about it. We really did try to make him be an indoor cat, but we finally caved and put in a cat door after he literally tore holes in every last one of our screens digging out. A few dead baby bunnies is a small price to pay, and we’d actually be overrun by bunnies if it weren’t for their few predators.

That’s all for today. I worked the weekend, so had yesterday and today off, I head back to work tomorrow. Here’s what’s on my agenda this afternoon:


I’m still taking a weekly flute lesson, which I absolutely adore. It’s challenging to find the time to practice, but I am making it happen. One of the local universities has a Community Music Program to teach music to non-credit students. Most of my teacher’s students are high school age, though the program overall teaches everyone from little kids to retirees. Oh, here’s a link. It’s a fabulous program for our community. I’m off to practice! My lesson is tonight, my etude is a mess, and the duet sounds experimental at best. And forget the solo, I sound like a screech owl. But I am having fun, so that counts, right?

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  1. Environment Canada issued a severe weather warning for this weekend. It was for an extreme high pressure system with unseasonally warm temps and sunshine. Only in Vancouver would that be considered extreme.

  2. We just got back from NYC and unseasonably warm sunny weather. Our last day was rainy to prepare us to come home. If we both knit yellow yarn, will the sun come out?