Reward Challenge

All done except for the seams and buttons.

I've been getting myself through the last bit of this with little rewards*. On Friday, John and I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer AKA Major Knitter for dinner. We had a fine time, and she brought me a yarn** gift as a party favor.

Here's the yarn:

That is 1600 meters of stunning lace weight yarn, enough for a huge shawl. And I have just the pattern for it.

I've had that shawl in my pattern library for years, waiting for the right moment and the right yarn. It is Longest Night, by Lori Law.

I've been rewarding myself for each little step of that baby sweater with a little teaser. I now have the pattern all set up in Knit Companion, ready to go when I sew on the last button. I don't really “need” a new lace shawl on the needles right now, but I'm doing it anyway.

Jennifer and I did wear our Faery Ring sweaters to the restaurant. Here we are.


I'm off to sew seams!

*Sort of like “Survivor”. “Wanna know what you're playing for?”

**No, that doesn't mean I fall off the Cold Sheep. Unsolicited yarn gifts don't count. Now, if I gave my husband a list and said “why don't you buy me a yarn gift”, THAT would end the no-buying streak.


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