Ripping Virgin

I’ve done another 5 or 6 inches on the front of the blue cable sweater.  Actually I’ve done 10 or 12 inches, because I knit it once, didn’t like the cable, ripped it out, did it again.

Here is the first attempt:


I just did not like where that cable was headed.  For one thing, it doesn’t look like a cable.  It is also too skinny in proportion to the sweater front.  I slept on it last night (not literally, though the cable needle somehow ended up in bed with me).  Today, inspired by  Kerstin, I ripped.  I made the cable a couple of stitches wider, and substituted one that just twists one direction.  The color in this picture is closer to the real thing (taken outside).


I like the second one better, though I think I will knit something else and ruminate on this for a day.  I’m no longer a ripping virgin!

I’ve had a couple of requests for the gin drink recipe from my Peeps post a few days ago.  It’s gin and grapefruit juice.  The one in the picture was ruby red grapefruit juice, though I’ve used the regular.  If you use the calcium fortified variety, you can prevent osteoporosis as well as scurvy.  There is your unsolicited medical advice for the day.

Ice in tall glass
1 shot (more or less) gin
fill glass with juice
shove mint leaves/sprigs down the side of the glass
Stir and drink
Repeat as necessary

If I don’t have mint, I’ve used lime slices.  If you have ever made the mistake of planting mint in your garden, you are already aware that running out is  generally not an issue.

And here is the cat picture of the day; Willie, tiptoeing through the tulips:



Ripping Virgin — 2 Comments

  1. Congrats on ripping. Although, I am sorry you had to do it. The second cable looks much better. (the first looks like a squiggle) Your stitch markers are beautiful–did you make them yourself?

  2. You’re no longer a ripping virgin! Watch out, you could easily become a ripping ho! Thanks for the drink recipe. It just so happens that I *need* an osteoporosis/scurvy preventative. 🙂 Love the color of your sweater.