Road Trip! Yarn For Sale!

Last week I had a few days off in a row, so we took off exploring. We’ve lived in Washington for over a decade, and we’ve actually seen embarrassingly little of it. We booked a bed & breakfast over in Walla Walla, and took off driving. We saw some great scenery along the way, finding out that our adopted state has a multitude of ecosystems, from northwest rainforest to high Cascade mountains, to desert, and then wine country. Ah, yes, the wine country.

We took a bazillion photos, ate a lot of great food, and drank some really terrific wine. We also came home with a bunch of cases of wine in the back of the car to stock up the wine cellar. Instead of posting the photos here, I’m including a link to a Picasa photo slide show that John put together. Please go check it out, there are even some knitting photos in there!

And now for the “yarn for sale” part. I’ve gone through my stash and weeded out some stuff that even I will admit I am never going to get around to knitting up into anything. It’s all good stuff, and you don’t need to worry, there’s still plenty of it around here. There is a pretty wide variety, including some sweater-lots of yarn. I dithered around about how to sell it, and finally decided to put it all on Ravelry. Go here to my stash page to check it out, and send me a message on Ravelry or by email if you’re interested. If you want the whole mess, I might be convinced to make a special deal.

That’s it for today. I’m off to do a little knitting before I have to go back to work tomorrow!

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Road Trip! Yarn For Sale! — 8 Comments

  1. I’ve been the the Snoqualmie Falls! Entirely for the Twin Peaks connection. Oh, good old I-90 – I grew up about 3 miles away from it in SE MN. And… I think I gained a few pounds watching your slide show!

  2. I need tips on things to see and places to stay as I am planning a trip up north in August or early September. Take notes!

  3. Isn’t Walla Walla a pretty city? I still am amazed at the variety of countryside in Washington. We’ve got it all!

  4. I do love a good road trip! I’ve always wanted to drive south, and travel down the coast highway… one of these days (maybe if the gas ever comes down a bit?).

    I sent you a yarn-related msg on Ravelry!

  5. I would love to travel on the west coast! Maybe someday. I would love to buy the Arizona Clay wool. Could you send me your address and I will send a check or is it possible to buy off Ravelry?

  6. Sometimes a vacation in your own state can be quite a lot of fun….can’t wait to hear more about the wine….off to stalk the yarn….