Rogue, Real Life.

I have been knitting on Rogue. I even took pictures of my progress. Unfortunately they all turned out to be crap, and I am not posting crappy photos today, even though I have done so in the past with impunity. It’s one of those famously gray western Washington days, and not very photo friendly. I suppose I could have fixed it, but I’m way too lazy. So you’ll have to take my word on it. I’m not making speedy progress due to the intervention of work this past week, but have gotten into the spirally cables up the side. This is really a hypnotic project to knit, as many others have found. Ei and Dorothy are making much better progress than I am. Go look at their pictures. Mine looks like that, only not as far along, and mine is pink. They also evidently know how to take good pictures.

I do have a picture of the pets doing what they do best. Daisie the Corgi was here visiting again, and I guess somebody must have tired them out at the park:


Note that Willie is on the dog bed too. My husband took that photo, which explains why it is not blurry.

I was going through my site stats and found a couple of things that amused me (it doesn’t take much to amuse me, really). I always look at the search strings in Google that got people to my blog. My favorite for the week is “graph paper knitting alien”. Right up there is “flannel sheets at Costco”. I was the fifth hit on that one. My flannel sheets are from Costco, actually, though I don’t remember ever mentioning it in my blog.

Work this week just plain over-ran me. I didn’t get much done except work, eat, and sleep, and not that much of the latter. I have a work schedule that most people would find nuts. I work 7 days in a row, then get a week off, which sounds great. The 7 days on basically put two and a half weeks worth of work in one week, and I sleep for the first 2 days I have off. Then about 4 days into my week off, I’m pretty excited about my work schedule again, and by Monday (my last vacation day), I’m all pumped up to get back at it again.  It sounds crazy, but it has its moments.  Anyway, I’m still in my jammies at 10:30 this morning, and would have no intention of changing that if I didn’t have a couple of meetings this afternoon. It probably wouldn’t do to go in my bathrobe. Though I might just take my knitting with me.


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  1. Hopefully you will have some sun shine through those clouds so you can take a nice picture of your cables…crosses fingers

  2. I can’t believe you have a cat and dog who will get that close to each other – how did they meet? (I’ve always enjoyed the picture you have on the side and thought it was just a fluke that they were sitting together!) I can only hope to have cats and dogs who get along so well – does Lucy ever join in?

  3. You did. I remember. It was in one of those meme things. Flannel sheets from Costco. (and you thought I wasn’t paying attention.)

  4. I’ll look forward to pictures of Rogue (blurry or not) – I’m with you on the grey WA days – I’ve been dealing with that too. I actually thought my picture was pretty crappy, but notice how it didn’t stop me! The detail was good, but the color is nothing like that! Hmm – pink Rogue. I’ve actually been fantasizing about how Rogue would look in pink!

  5. Boy that’s life! (..the dogs that is…sorry, your schedule sounds rough!) Poor Corgi without a pillow..he suredoesn’t seem to mind just nice to have a slept over, right? Love it!

  6. I took your example and have begun my yarn inventory. What a big job! I have a shed full of 10-12 large containers (66gal?) of yarns. I did have them boxed by yarn type, but after much digging they are a jumble. I expect the spreadsheet to rectify this problem. So far I have 6 boxes in my creative room with only one completed: the handspun box. Thanks for the suggestion.

  7. Someone googled me this week with “cushy tushy toilet seat.” Now thay can google you, too, since it’s written in your comments 🙂

  8. I know what you mean about fuzzy pictures. My camera seems to do best when taking pictures out doors so I usually wait for a nice sunny day so that I don’t have to impose my terrible shots on my blog readers. Thanks for sharing your puppy photo!

  9. Wow, your schedule sounds as hectic as mine. I am a maternal fetal medicine fellow. I understand your desire to get back to work after a week off. I’m glad I found your blog. I’ll keep reading.