Saturday Sky


Here, for Sandy, are my Saturday Sky photos. One is of the lake and part of our resident population of ducks. We have had two separate hatches of baby ducks this year, one earlier in the spring, and one just a week and a half ago. Their mommas apparently don’t want their babies’ photos splashed all over the tabloids, however, as they swim for it every time they see me with the camera. So all you get is a small part of the duck Armada that’s hanging around this morning. We also have a flock of Canada geese that were out on the lawn yesterday with six baby goslings. I haven’t been able to get them on camera, either.


My other Saturday Sky photo is of the sky behind my house. I realized this morning while out with the camera that I haven’t shown a construction progress photo in awhile.


Most of the construction is completed, and the stucco work is done, waiting for the painters in the next week. We are getting rid of the stark white look, and painting the house a soft pale sage-moss green. There’s moss growing on everything here anyway, so we figured why fight it. The new rails are up on the deck, though the glass is not installed in them yet, and the rails on that top circular deck are off getting powder-coated. The dry wall repair inside the house is finished, and the painters will repaint inside where they had to tear things up to get those kitchen windows out to repair the wood around them. So it’s mostly back to a livable state. At least I can see outside. I’m glad they were able to get the tarp off the house and the plastic off the windows before it got really warm here. It’s nice having some ventilation in the house.
Thanks for all the support and words of encouragement on my last post. I did get to WW, and signed up.  My plan is to update the ticker bar weekly when I check in at WW. I’ve also been exercising daily, not an easy feat for me.My biggest challenge is during my 7-day work weeks. The weeks off are not hard, but when I put in a 90-hours-plus week of work that requires that I get up at 5:30, and many nights don’t get home till 10:30 or 11PM, it’s hard to fit in exercise. I found a really fun motivational tool online. It’s a virtual TransAmerican trek, from Yorktown, VA, to Florence, OR. Whenever you walk, run, or bicycle, you enter the distance that you covered, and it keeps track of where you would be if you were actually on the trail. It has photos of the scenery along the trail so you can “see” what you would be seeing if you were really walking there. So far I’m 4.7 miles along the trail. Anybody want to walk with me? I’m still not far from the right coast, so you wouldn’t be far behind. I’m not far enough into this to set a goal date for getting to the left coast, but I will get there eventually.

Now if I could only stop at yarn shops along the way. Hmmm. Maybe I could shop “virtually” at shops that I would see if I were really on the trail. Anybody from Virginia out there? Any good yarn shops on that stretch of the road?


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  1. Lovely photo pics of your home, Lorette! I will look forward to seeing it when it is the new color..sounds pretty! I like to see the architecture of other homes in different parts of the country. I live up in the Rockies in a log home….LOL….very fitting for up here.
    I’ll be rooting for you on WW. I have started today. I need to pick up another 12 week tracker when I go into town. I’m also going to join you on that Virtual Trek thingy!

  2. My WW instructor said we need to walk 10,000 steps per day and recommended using a pedometer. WW here in Massachusetts now sell them. Anyhow, get yourself a pedometer and during your work weeks wear it to the hospital…hit the stairs a few times/walk the corridors and before you know it, you will have hit the 10,000 step mark. It is really not a lot of walking to hit the mark. My average day with a 30 minute walk usually ends up well-above the l0,000 step mark! Good luck! Kate/Massachusetts

  3. Wow! That is one beautiful house! Good luck with WW. I have several family members that are doing it and are doing very well.

  4. you can do it! i joined WW in november last year and before i knew it i had dropped my first 5kg and then reached the 10% (sorry, i can only work in metric). now it is 7.5 months since i joined and i am am 12 kg lighter and have maintained that weight ever sinc. i didn’t have a huge amount to lose – but it was still enough for me to struggle with at times.
    good luck – i just know you can do it!

  5. OMGosh! Your house is absolutely beautiful. If you ever decide to move, please give me a call, and if I’ve won the lottery, I’ll buy it! :o) (and I’ll know there’s not wood rot, either! ;o)

  6. Oh, your house is looking good! I know you’ll be glad to see the end of all the construction and the mess that comes with it.

  7. The house is looking wonderful. Thanks for your advice on the Amazing Lace challenge. I’m glad somebody else is planning on leaving that thing on the needles. There isn’t enough valium on the planet to get me to take that thing off!

  8. It must feel very good to have most of the work done. Its looking great! The pedometer is a great idea so you can see how much you move during your day. You might only need to add a short session of weights. Your week is a killer and eating good food might be enough during that time.
    Good luck and enjoy that virtual hiking!!

  9. This house is to DIE for!
    As for your other challenge, I am working on a really good food plan designed by an MD. It is a slow weight loss (1-2 lbs a week) but it is a SAFE weight loss. Always having been STICK thin, after my last DVT for some bizarre reason I gained 20 LBS in 4 weeks! Nothing I did has helped me lose it. BC of all of my health probs (lupus, RA, Fibro, replaced joints, etc) I am not allowed to do a lot of cardio. I started with the recumbent bike – just 30 min, once or twice a week. If you want the food book, write and I will be happy to send it to you.
    Let me know if you need a weight loss buddy!

  10. Hello. This is me responding to the comment you left me. As you can see I’m still not getting them via email.
    I did submit a ticket with Typepad and they left a response that many users are reporting the same issue with not getting their comments. They claim the problem should be resolved shortly.
    Great pictures!!!!

  11. Count me in! I tried creating an account tonight but am having trouble logging on, so I’ll try again tomorrow. The house is looking wonderful – so glad the saga is coming to a close.

  12. It must be such a relief to be at the ending point for all that work. It looks GREAT. When are you inviting us all over for a SnB?

  13. Your house is beautiful! On those weeks when you are in the hospital and have a few spare minutes, run the stairs. When I was a resident, I did that. It helps with the fitness as well as maintaining my sanity. Are you a hospitalist? I couldn’t remember.

  14. I know, exercise is the bane of our existence. I echo the words of those who suggest taking the stairs and walking more steps during the day. Even without working 12 hour days, I don’t find the time to exercise regularly. I try to walk to the grocery store with a little cart to carry the groceries home, and to ride my bike to other errands. Sometimes this works, sometimes I don’t have the time. Here in Barcelona, I make a point to walk up and down the stairs to the metro rather than take the escalators–it’s hard work when the weather is hot and humid and even hotter in the subways!!

  15. THE TENT IS OFF! Woo-hoo!
    Your house seems very unique…do us a favor, if it’s not too personal…tell us some history about your house! (age, design, architect)
    I’m off to see your ‘trail’ I would LOVE to join you! Everytime I want to put off exercising I will remember YOUR schedule…I have NO excuse!!!!

  16. Your house is beautiful! Did you change the look of that side? It looks different. It is really nice! Can’t wait to see it someday!
    I too have decided to start working on my weight. My goal before school starts is to go to the gym and work out at least 2-3 times per week. I walk the new treadmill for 20 minutes and then swim laps for 15-20 minutes (depending on how my back is doing). I am such a fish!
    Your knitting is really beautiful! You are so talented! : )
    Love you!