I do love knitting, including sewing seams. I'd rather sew pieces together than go through all the crazy contortions that some patterns have you do to avoid them.
This is the first of two baby sweaters. Our neighbors have new twin granddaughters, and I dug through the Cotton Ease box* and found two bright colors to make sweaters for them. The first one is done, other than the seams, and I'm putting a little hood on it.

In the category of knitting screw ups, can anyone spot the mistake here?

How about now?
Yup, I forgot to put in the buttonholes. I discovered this after I had the shoulders seamed and started putting in the first sleeve. I am NOT reknitting to fix it. I'll sew the buttons on as decoration, and put snaps in.

That's the second color.

We're at Wintergrass again this weekend. So far it's been a blast, although we are really happy that our room at the Hyatt is on a “quiet floor”. I love the banjos, but not so much at 2 AM.

*Why yes, I have a whole box of Cotton Ease, in the original bright colors. They don't make this stuff anymore, so my grand stash plan is working!



Seams! — 6 Comments

  1. So, how did the house re-do turn out? Pictures please. The sweaters are going to be cute. I just love brights on babies. Many times I have crocheted an edging with buttonholes after forgetting them. EZ also had a method of adding an attached I-cord edging, with a gap in the attachment at the place of the buttonhole.
    Julie in San Diego

  2. Those will be adorable sweaters! Perfect for babies who will be in springtime weather.

    I’m with you – banjos at 2 a.m. would NOT be a good thing. 😉

  3. I’m a great fan of buttons as decorations. Mine never stayed buttoned in. The only baby sweaters I made that were fabulous had hood, front pocket and a back zipper…

    I think I might have some orange that color. Also yellow and lime green. Not cotton, but if you want to repeat – I’ll happily send it to you!

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who occasionally forgets the buttonholes! I also really like bright colors or saturated for babies and kids. I’ve never been a big fan of pastels or only pink/blue.

    On a music related note (no pun intended), I know you play flute, but in case you have considered trying the piccolo, I will share an amusing recent Craig’s list ad from Redmond.