Seven Years! Free Yarn!

Happy Blogiversary to me! Seven years ago today I started this blog. I’ve done 548 posts, and had 7626 comments in the past 7 years. I’ve met a bunch of really interesting people through my blog, and “met” a lot more virtually online. You all have stuck with me through silly knitting mistakes, goofy whiskey-related incidents, and one big accident that put me out of commission both for knitting and work for 3 months. You’ve cheered me on during bad work weeks, during a stressful job move, and encouraged me to be a better knitter/spinner, just so I wouldn’t have to show photos of crap here. I think I’ve become a better writer and photographer because of the blog, though I have a lot to learn still about both.

In honor of all of you, I’m having a contest! I have two things from my stash that I’m giving away. Here’s what you’ll play for, if you decide to participate:

The first is a sweater’s worth of Phildar Aviso that’s been aging in the stash long enough. It’s a cotton acrylic blend, and is a true crayon red. It is a heavy worsted weight, and there are 888 yards of it, enough for a short sleeved sweater (or something for a child!). I really like this stuff, but I tend to buy a lot of red yarn, and I have yarn in the stash for at least four more red sweaters.

Lewey approves, but wants to point out that he’s not included. Here’s a photo without the Corgi.

The second prize is two skeins of sock yarn. These are both from Three Irish Girls, and are two from her Sock Yarnista yarn club.

The one on the top is her Finley fingering superwash merino, color Seacoast. The bottom one is Beckon merino, a light sport weight, color Arboretum.

As usual, all yarn from this house comes with plenty of free dog and cat hair, though it mostly is stored out of their reach. There is no smoking allowed in my house, if that’s a concern.

How do you enter to win one of those prizes? Very simple: just comment, one comment per person, and tell me what your favorite knitting pattern is. I want to hear about sweaters, hats, mittens, whatever strikes your fancy. It can be something you’ve knit many times, or something you really want to make but haven’t gotten to yet.

Contest starts as of now, and I’ll pick 2 winners using a random number generator. Let’s say you have until Tuesday night, the 29th, at midnight Pacific time. After that, I’ll choose a winner! Good luck, and thank you all for 7 great years!


Seven Years! Free Yarn! — 76 Comments

  1. 7 years! That is so awesome, congrats!

    The pattern I use the most is by Plymouth and it’s called Sockotta mother/child socks…I pretty much just use the numbers and have it completely memorized except the first two rows of heel turning. It’s great for all my basic socks in all sizes ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. i check you blog every day. i enjoy your wit an the beautiful pictures you take.

    My favorite patter to knit is the pattern i developed for my son’s size 17 feet, he likes his great toe separate from the rest of his toes.LOL this is a sock i do not have to think about it just almost knits it’s self.


  3. Congratulations on your blogiversary. I have enjoyed your blog tremendously over the four or so years I’ve been reading it, and I hope there are many more years in which you recount your knitting (and other) adventures. (And DH has adapted the raisin bread recipe you posted a while back for the bread machine, so I think of you every day when I eat lunch.)

    Being in the midst of knitting up my stash (we’ll see how long that lasts), I think you’d best put names other than mine into the hat.

  4. Congratulations. I like your New Year’s Resolution to blog more. You are doing very well. I am still baking Brother Juniper’s Struan bread, thanks to you.

    My favorite knitting patterns are for socks. Right now, I am learning top up from Wendy Knits-Dead Simple Lace Socks. Hope I survive.

  5. Congratulations on 7 years of blogging. That’s commitment. My fave pattern for variegated is Lorna’s laces Slipped Rib socks. My favorite baby sweater is still EZ’s Baby Surprise, but I don’t think that would work too well with the red unless I could find something interesting to stripe it. I’m willing to try, thanks.

  6. Happy 7th blogiversary! I love your projects and the colors you choose; you are an inspiration to me! I also love your kitties & doggies! Favorite pattern: Spanish Dancer Shawl from Knitty.

  7. Ok, I am sad….I thought that at least Lewey would deliver it and visit awhile….my most recent favorite is the Multnomah Shawl – have made 2 of them – might do another…..

  8. Well drat, if Lewey was included I’m come up with a couple hundred fictious people to enter the contest for a greater chance to win.

    But alas, without Lewey, one entry and honesty are enough ๐Ÿ™‚

    My favorite pattern, hmmm. I think it has to be Lucy Neatby’s Faroese Flower Shawl. I’ve knit it 3 times, and look forward to making it a couple more at least.

  9. Hi, lorette, I would say my favorite pattern is Meg Swansen’s Fair Isle that is on the cover of her book,MS Knitting. It was my first Fair Isle sweater and meg’s color choices are lovely as is the design. It got me hooked on FI knitting. best, Mary in cincinnati

  10. Seven is magic! Congratulations. I really like the February Lady, it was fun to make and turned out super cute. I’d like to make a similar one with lighter weight yarn that has a different drape…just for kicks.

  11. Lorette, you got me hooked on the Wonderful Wallaby. I have made 7 (?) of them. Can’t get enough of that one. I also just finished Cassidy. Took about 10 weeks, because of all the cables, but I love it. A well written pattern. How the heck are you anyways?

  12. Hi Lorette,

    Congratulations on 7 years! I just love your blog. My current favorite pattern besides the Wonderful Wallaby (made 4 and 1 to go) is Anne Hanson’s Tesserae Sock. I’m working on my 3rd pair and have one more pair in the queue before next winter.

  13. Congratulations! I love to knit socks, and my favorite “pattern” is 64 stitches, top down, heel flap sock that I can embelish any way I want with cables, lace, texture, or anything else I fancy. And I love to give them away…have made over 200 pair so far!

  14. My favorite pattern is the Oregon Cardigan by Alice Starmore. I am knitting it in the autumn colorway and have learned so much. The yarn colors are created from mixtures of many colors and the wool just glows!

  15. I don’t have a favorite go-to pattern, but my wish list pattern is to knit a true aran sweater from the Alice Starmore books. Hopefully this year, when I work up my courage to tackle it!

  16. Happy anniversary. You have staying power. I’m knitting a shawl right now called Nightsong, which I’m really enjoying. It must be a good pattern because it’s my second time.

  17. SEVEN Years already?!!!!! Congrats! You have been one of my favorites and continue to inspire and enable….

    As for patterns, I seem to make a lot of the RPM for socks and the Calais is still one of my favorites shawlettes….

    Here’s to seven more!

  18. Congratulations on 7 years! I like tostop by regularly & read your blog…I am SE King county reader!
    My favorite patterns to knit would be shawls & cowls – no sizing to worry about!

    Here’s to 7 more years!

  19. My most recent favorite is the Budding Shawlette lace pattern I found on Ravelry. I’m always here on your blog for your knitting, Lewey of course and to see the beautiful vacations you take. Maybe Lewey could deliver me the sock yarn I want to win, teehee

  20. Enjoy your blog. I like my friend Deborah’s leaf hat/scarf and now sock pattern. Looks lovely and is a pleasure to knit

  21. Like Jennipurr, my most frequently used pattern is a plain vanilla sock (followed closely by Mistake Rib socks). My favorite non-sock pattern is the Wonderful Wallaby.

  22. Such dedication, such persistence! Congratulations on seven years! I am a new reader and hope you continue for at least another seven. And, of course I would love to win some yarn. Jo

  23. I love Girasol by Jared Flood. I could knit this one 10 times and not repeat any yarn or needle size.

    Congrats on blogiversary!

  24. My favorite knitting pattern is whichever frequently-used pattern I’m using AGAIN at the moment. Today it’s Zimmermann’s Baby Surprise Jacket.