Sistine Chapel

We leave Rome today, headed to Florence. The highlight yesterday was an evening tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. There were 22 of us, plus our two guides and the Swiss guard that escorted us. We were the only people there, which was magnificent.

We saw an exhibition at home recently of many of the panels from the ceiling, but the real thing, all on one ceiling, was breathtaking. Being able to see it at night, without the crowds, left me speechless.

Not sure what the rest of the trip holds, but It doesn’t really matter after that.

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Sistine Chapel — 3 Comments

  1. What a tour, the one and only time we were there, it was wall to wall people in that lovely hall. It was about three weeks before Christmas, so maybe that was why it was so crowded. I loved Rome, we spent all of out time that year just in Rome. And two of those days were devoted to the Vatican, so much to see. Loved your pictures, brought back lovely memories.