Skyscrapers, And Everything

Yup, I’m in New York City. We arrived yesterday just in time to experience the joys of rush hour traffic on the way from the airport in Newark. We’re staying in Midtown, near Times Square, so we’re right in the middle of things. It took all day to get here, but I’m looking forward to a good time. I’ve never been to NYC before, so there will be lots of tourist things to do. Today I think we’re going to do one of those boat tours around Manhattan to get an overview, then just pick a spot and start walking. This is my Christmas present from 2005 from my husband; I opened up the package and found guide books to NY along with a card promising a trip this spring.

And of course there are the yarn stores. I’ve been saving my “free” yarn-buying day for April for this event, and plan to see a few of them, at least. Not that I need yarn, but since when does that have anything to do with anything?

I have to thank everybody who has sent condolences on the house problem. It’s slowly becoming a more definable project as they work on it. The decks are completely off, the beams that support the kitchen alcove have all been removed, and today they start work on the windows and supporting wood. We have the plans in place for rebuilding, and it seems less like a monster project, and more like something that eventually will be finished. An expensive something, I grant you, but at least we can see that there will be an end to it in the next several weeks.

Here are some photos:



Willie is the only one who thinks this whole thing is fun.



And of course it started raining last week, as usual for spring in Washington. I now live inside a circus tent.



And yes, we’ve been sitting in those chairs, even with the kitchen beams gone. I refuse to give in to fear.

On the knitting front, I have little to report. I’ve mostly been working on the two-color socks, and I don’t even have a miserable picture to show you. I’m on the toe decreases on the first one, and almost finished it on the airplane here yesterday.

OK, I quit being lazy and got up to take a picture. What I don’t do for you guys.


And just because I knew you were worried, they do fit. Tightly, but they fit.

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Skyscrapers, And Everything — 19 Comments

  1. Oh! I’m so sorry I’m no longer in NYC to guide you around! It would have been great to meet you in person. Enjoy your stay! Try to check out the yarn shop/cafe called The Point if you have time.

  2. Wasn’t there an episode of the X-Files with a house that was covered in a tent with stripes? Or was it Edward Scissorhands? Either way, you’re in good company!
    I’m happy to hear that things on the home front are not totally disasterous. (You have a VERY cool home, BTW…)
    And, the sock looks great! Tight Knitting = Stess ???

  3. Well, at least Willie’s enjoying himself. HAHA just like a pet. The socks are tight hmmm? But as long as they fit. Goes to show I don’t pay much attention. Had I known you were coming here I’d have come into the city to say hello. We were there the other day for the Int’l Auto Show.

  4. Oooooh a circus tent.. what fun. At least it is a conservatively coloured tarp!
    And.. hey.. you’re not livin’ in a FEMA trailer.. so it’s all good!

  5. OH MY GOD! You’re here! What’s your free day again? How long are you here? Email me and I’ll give you my number and we can chat about yarn shopping and hopefully find some time to hook up! YAY!

  6. I like The Yarn Company in NYC. I have also been to Seaport Yarns which is a rabbit warren of a yarn store but the owner is friendly.Check out the NY Public Library if you have a chance. It is a gorgeous piece of architecture.

  7. Take full opportunity with your free day. Find out where all the yarn stores are, and make a whole day of it.
    After all, a day is 24 hours. How many shops do you think you could fit into that amount of time?

  8. Oh, I LOVE NYC! I msut get back there sometime. Now, I think back on all my trips (my sis, mom and I do “girl trips”) – before I was a knitter, and think of all the yarn I missed!!! Hey, good reason to return to my favorite places, right?
    Very pretty airplane sock, too!

  9. Have a great trip! Enjoy your free day, and get yourself some amazing yarn goodies.
    Rumor has it there’s a yarn store somewhere in Manhattan that has a dog mascot that’s very friendly. But I can’t for the life of me remember which one!

  10. Hey, be sure to wave hello while you’re over there! We can just see the southern tip of Manhattan from the hill behind our house, so–hi!

  11. When I see those house pictures all I can say is… wow. Wow.
    Enjoy your NYC trip. I’ve always wanted to take a quick trip there. I’ve always wanted to see the Guggenheim, the Empire State Building and… of course… Letterman and John Stewart. Have a great trip.
    Have fun. Take pictures.

  12. Ok, I’ll try again – Typepad obviously didn’t like my comment the first time around. Have a great trip and forget about all the problems at home. I keep reading about so many great yarn stores and bloggers in NYC. Personally, I’d bag the yarn buying moratorium for the entire trip! Can’t wait to see what you come home with. I’m hoping we can organize a knit-in with you and Kris some time this summer.

  13. Very cool house project! House projects are always a test of one’s sanity, sense of humor and borrowing power!!
    Have you successfully passed your yarn diet so that you can purchase yarn in NYC?? I have been good on my yarn diet; I think I’ve only been on the diet for three weeks, however, not three months.

  14. Have a wonderful time in NYC Lorette! Have a knish, a Nathan’s Snapper and an EggCream for me and come home with lots of cool yarn and memories to show and tell!

  15. Congratulations a trip to NY! Can’t wait to see the pics! The ‘other’ pics still gives me the shakes! yikes! Glad there is light at the end of the tent! nice sock..

  16. I love all your updates and projects and things. In your sidebar Black Water Abbey and the Diva Cup are two things I can’t do without. But my most favorite thing, the item that fills me with delight and makes me giggle is the Official Days left counter that last night ticked over to UNDER 1000 days. We are going to the promised land baby…