So Much Yarn, So Little Time

I wish I was not such a slow knitter.  Between the demands of real life, and the fact that I just don’t knit very quickly, I don’t seem to get many projects done.  I think that is one of the few disadvantages of knit-blogging.  I make my daily whirl around the blog world and get just a little bit intimidated by some of you who finish projects at light speed.  Please tell me that you have a knitting staff who works on your knitting while you are doing the other stuff that surely is part of your lives as well.  I guess I don’t worry about quantity much, but every once in a while I think…good God, those other bloggers have finished five sweaters already this year, and I’m on my first one.

Enough wallowing.  On to pictures of more yarn purchases.  Which are scheduled for knitting projects in about 2008.  This is the only yarn I bought in Germany.  Truly, I exercised uncommon restraint.  It was only because there was an awful lot of impatient foot-tapping going on from the two men waiting for me. It is bad enough having one man tapping his foot and looking like he’d rather be cleaning the rain gutters while you are trying to weigh the different merits of nine hundred balls of yarn; I had two of them.  I did not write down the name of the yarn shop, and the receipt is buried in the folder with the nine million restaurant receipts, and I am not getting up to look for it.  It’s in Heidelberg, it is on the main shopping street in the old town center.  They had a bunch of sock yarn, I bought some self striping yarn for 2 pair:



And some novelty eyelash yarn for a scarf.  Normally I don’t buy this stuff because I don’t wear scarves, but  I loved the colors and couldn’t resist.  Might be a gift, might be a boa for me.  Who knows, I might actually dress up for the theater some night and need a boa.  Or I might just fondle it now and then.


Click on the little pictures for a real thrill.

I am at the near-beginning of my 90-hour-7-day work week, so haven’t knit much since getting home.  I am  still pretty jet-lagged also.  And then there was the fun of getting home and sifting through two weeks of mostly junk mail.  And our internet connection was down (now fixed). And our hot water heater was dead when we got home Monday (pilot out, got it fixed).  And my car wouldn’t start yesterday AM to go to work  (dead battery, better now).  I think I’ll go watch JAG reruns…

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My name is Lorette. I learned to knit in 1999, and took up spinning in 2009. I'm a physician specializing in internal medicine, and live in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy my blog!


So Much Yarn, So Little Time — 5 Comments

  1. Welcome back!
    Your yarn is very pretty. I’m not a scarf person either, but I am making one for a store display for the new knitting shop that’s opening in Charleston in a couple of weeks.
    As far as my knitting speed is concerned, I knit a lot slower than I crochet, and I’m a very fast crocheter, so being much slower at knitting bugs me a little sometimes when I see all the fab things other bloggers can make so fast–elves???
    Then again, I’ve been knitting in earnest for less than a year, and until I learn continental, I’m not getting any faster. I do use Addis and Crystal Palace needles and those do help.
    Mostly though, I Zen out and enjoy my somewhat pokey knitting pace. I’m getting things done although I’m starting way too many things.

  2. Please don’t feel badly about being a slow knitter. This isn’t a competition! If you are a doctor I am pretty sure you have an extremely busy schedule, being on call etc.. So just enjoy your lovely new German yarn (and perhaps think of activities your hubby can do on your next vacation to free you up for the yarn shops!) 🙂

  3. I am slow and sporadic, myself, being an artist, I have way too many irons in the fire as per usual. That’s why I have become accustomed to knitting and crocheting hats. They are much faster to drum up and do. What I envy about the rest of you is the ability to purchase such nice yarns! Still undiscovered and pinching pennies, I am often limited to Lion, Red Heart and the like for my creations, which I am finding increasingly frustrating and boring. But after discovering the Elan site, I may be able to change that! woo!

  4. i’m a slow knitter too – and not a doctor, so i really don’t have an excuse not to keep plugging along. the orange yarn from germany is fabulous. i found your site through the knitter’s way list and am going to add you to my “reads.”