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I know, I know. I bet you thought I forgot that this is a knitting blog. You can always tell when bloggers are behind on their knitting; they start posting the results of internet quizzes.

I have been working steadily on that Not-Quite-A-Cobblestone sweater, though. I finally have finished the neck shaping and am nearly done with the collar.

Here’s the sweater with the collar nearly finished.

Here’s what I ended up doing for the top half of this. This sweater started out as Jared Flood’s Cobblestone sweater, and I knit it as written up to where you attach the sleeves at the armholes. The top half is a simple raglan style, using Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Workshop instructions. I decided to just follow her instructions for the neck shaping without questioning her wisdom, and it worked out perfectly. The collar is more plain garter stitch. I can’t begin to tell you how much I despise knitting collars in the round on stubby little 16″ circulars. I tried double points, but it was even more awkward. Fortunately, a collar is only a few rows. Now it’s on to the cast off.

I’m using June Hiatt’s instructions for a Half Hitch sewn cast off, which works well for a collar, where you don’t want the bind off to be too tight. EZ describes this in the Knitting Workshop, but she does it in the other direction, from left to right, in the opposite direction of the knitting. I tried that, and it seemed much more awkward than June’s way. Basically, you take your needle and yarn through the second stitch on the left needle as if to knit, snug it up, then through the first needle as if to purl, tighten and drop the first stitch off the needle. It matches a long tail cast on nearly perfectly.

I’m off to forage for lunch, then more novel writing. I’m only at a pitiful 6110 words, which is half what I should have at this point. I work much better with a deadline, though, and when I get closer to the end of November, I can predict a few 8000 word writing days. I have a couple of really annoying drunken twin brothers that I plan to kill off in the next chapter. That’s always fun, and good for a thousand words.

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Some Actual Knitting Content — 14 Comments

  1. Drunken twin brothers? Hmmm…
    Curses. Next people are going to expect me to post knitting. Stop it. You’re setting a bad precedent here.

  2. Well at least you post quizzes. Some of us just don’t post at all.
    The collar fits the sweater perfectly. I don’t like knitting on 16″ needles either. It’s a struggle the whole time. I’ll have to look up that cast off. I’ve never heard of it.

  3. I really like the color of the sweater – reminds me of a nice red wine. (mmm…wine…)
    Enjoy killing off the drunken brothers. Someone’s gotta do it.

  4. I have been trying to come up with a design for a cardigan for me. Tried different stitch patterns and cables and I don’t like anything. Your lovely sweater made me realize that once again simple is best.

  5. I love this color and I’ll bet it will look spectacular on you!
    Two words: Magic Loop! Pefect for small circumference (necklines!) knitting!

  6. I love the finished red sweater! And the blue sweater will look great w/ JAG’s eyes! I’m working on a Carolina blue wash cloth! I’m about to finish a red one w/ a little pattern! Happy Thanksgiving. E