Sometimes The Spammers Are Right

I sometimes glance through the comments that get tossed in the “spam” folder, just to see what the latest is. The current batch was largely in Russian, so who knows. Here was one that got my attention:

Well made blog :) great at expressing yourself.. Now all you gotta do is update update update!

Well, no kidding. I guess I better do just that.

Let’s hit the weather first and get that over with. We had about 2 days of summer this past week, and it’s in the high 60’s today, though it looks suspiciously like it’s trying to rain. Crap crap crappity crap. So far the pattern is that if I’m working, the weather is great, if I’m off, it generally sucks. I have a boatload of relatives coming this next weekend, so hopefully we’ll impress them with some nice weather. My sisters and their spouses are coming Saturday and staying a week, so there will lots of laughs, shopping, drinking and eating going on. And perhaps a rousing Mexican train tournament if it rains and we have to stay inside.

Next up, spinning. Let’s just say I haven’t done much this week. I do have some photos of a couple of things, one done, one in progress. Here’s the done stuff.

The spun yarn will be knit into something for John. He laid claim to this when he saw it spun up. It’s one of the monthly fiber shipments from Spunky Eclectic, and it’s Targhee wool, the color is named Flannel. It is nice and squishy soft, and not scratchy at all. I haven’t gotten around to weighing this and figuring out the yardage, but it’s probably a heavy worsted weight. I’m thinking mittens and a hat, there might be enough left for mittens for me as well, there was 8 ounces of the fiber to start with.

Here’s what is on Seamus, the wheel.

Pretty, isn’t it? The fiber is from Wolf Creek Wools, which sort of cracks me up. The shop, Sweetgrass Wool, is outside Helena, Montana, about 3 miles from the house I lived in there. Of course it wasn’t a fiber or yarn shop then. And I was neither a knitter or spinner then, so it wouldn’t probably have made any difference to me at the time. The fiber is 75% Blue Face Leicester and 25% tussah silk, color is Wild Berry. This is spinning up beautifully. I have about 4 ounces of it, so it will be a little scarf or neck warmer or something girly.

On the knitting front, no photos. You guessed it, still the Electric Blue Imaginary Baby Thing. Poor little Jace will be unwrapping this at his grade school graduation at the rate I’m going with it. Maybe it can be converted into a backpack or something. And I’m not knitting anything else much at all, so nothing to see here. Move along.

I almost forgot, we went to a Mariners baseball game on Friday. It was part of a late birthday present from last year for John & I from his kids. I did take the sock to knit, and impressed a kid that looked about 6 or 7, and got a “cool!” out of him when I showed him it would be a sock. Unfortunately John was in charge of taking the sock-at-the-ballpark photo, and for some reason that escapes me, deleted it from his camera. The home team lost dismally, but it was a glorious evening, and we had good seats in the front row down the third base line, and it was all good. John’s son and daughter put together a terrific picnic lunch that was far better than the usual ball park food. Here are a couple of photos.

It looks like a good time was had by all.

That’s all folks, I’m off to work on the Imaginary Electric Blue Baby Grade School Gift.


Sometimes The Spammers Are Right — 9 Comments

  1. Good to know you’re still out there. It actually cleared up today and turned out pretty up here. And the few nice days we’ve had have been spectacular. We just need to string more of them together. I didn’t know you were allowed to take your own food into the ballpark. I’ll have to remember that for next time.

  2. I’d take 60’s any day over the 90- 100+ here with incredible storms & flash floods – it’s really been a lot like Baton Rouge. To be fair, though, I did miss the worst of it because I was visiting my daughters family in Baton Rouge where it was actually much cooler – about 10* cooler – than Chicago. Still muggy but, when you have a few days in a row that are in the 80’s in July in Baton Rouge, you have reason to celebrate. Going back next week to watch the grands while my daughter & son in law visit my other daughter in DC. Might as well – it’s been cooler half the time & I get to spend time with the grands/

  3. We just spent a week sailing in the San Juans where it was in the lovely 60s with a 30 knot wind…..I slept in wool long johns. Sigh. As I do at home. Where there’s still considerable snow in the mountains. Summer? What’s Summer?

  4. I think that comment could apply to a lot of us.

    I just love that yarn. I can see why John was taken by it–what will you knit from it?

    If it’s summer weather you’re wantin’, I wish I could fill a plastic bag with some heat and humidity and send it your way. I’ve had enough summer already, and it is only August.

  5. That Targhee yarn will make a great hat and mittens. Come on, get that baby project out of the way so you can start something new. 🙂