I know you guys don’t care so much about the travel photos as you do about the potential for yarn shopping in my travels.

I am here to swear that I stayed on that Cold Sheep the whole time. On Monday, I’ll have gone EIGHT MONTHS without any yarn buying. That’s some kind of crazy record. I knit so freaking slowly that I haven’t made much of a dent in the stash in that time, so I probably should just continue on.

So what did I buy in France? Not much, as it turns out. We were attempting to travel light and didn’t have a lot of room for stuff. I didn’t look up one yarn shop while I was there.

I did buy pencils. Here they are.




From the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe, I especially like the ones with the sparkly things on the ends where the eraser should be.

I know you are all just thrilled.


Souvenirs — 3 Comments

  1. I appreciate a good-writing and attractive pencil, but I confess I thought you were holding knitting needles with sparkly ends!

  2. Actually, yes, pencils interest me. Briton has a pencil collection that started when he was a toddler. We’re still always on the lookout for new/interesting ones.