Spain Photos, Part 1

Where to even start? After weeding through the multitude of photos, we still have literally hundreds left to choose from. I have picked a handful, and will show them in stages over the next few days as I have time to post. It’s a ton of fun going through them and remembering the trip!

First up, Madrid.

We saw this guy all over Spain:


One of the days that we were there we took a guided walking tour of the city. We went to a typical local market, where we were astounded by the variety of produce, and especially the meats, olives and fish.




Here’s one of the many plazas in Madrid, Plaza Mayor.


We stopped at a typical tapa bar, where locals stop in for what we would call “a little lunch” in the midwest, and what Hobbits would call “elevensies” or “second breakfast”. (They seem to eat all day in Spain!)


Here is one of the places that Miguel de Cervantes lived in Madrid.


The city symbol is a bear. Here is one that we saw:


And here’s another bear that might be familiar to those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile:


Yes, that’s Sweetpea. Yes, I took her to Spain. She goes everywhere with me, right in my carry on bag, on top of the knitting. I’d jettison the extra underwear before I’d leave her home. And yes, our hotel in Madrid had turn-down service and left a little flower and chocolate on the bed every night.


That’s the sign post right across the street from our hotel. That indeed proves that we were in Madrid.


That strange woman is me hiding behind a statue at the palace in Madrid. We didn’t do the tour, as we had reservations for a swell late lunch, and we all know that food is much more important than a palace tour, right?

Here’s the meal that won out over the palace:


Paella! Paella is actually what got us to Spain in the first place. We have a friend in the military who, while she was stationed in Bahrain a few years ago, kept sending packages of saffron home. Not having a real clue what to do with a lot of saffron, we did research and came up with paella. Of course then we had to buy the cookbook, and the paella pan, and the right rice, etc. So the “free” saffron wasn’t so cheap, especially when you add in the cost of a three-week trip to Spain. We’ve gotten to enjoy making and eating it, though, as it’s a great way to use up all sorts of stuff in the refrigerator. It’s sort of a Spanish version of “hotdish”, but much better.

Here’s a close-up:


Here’s me after the paella:


Last but not least, here’s an early morning shot from our hotel window.


Next time: on to Toledo, and then the Costa del Sol! (And maybe even some knitting content!)

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Spain Photos, Part 1 — 13 Comments

  1. Great pics. I almost feel as if I was right there with y’all. Thanks for allowing me to live vicariously through you.

  2. Thank you! Excellent travelogue, with Spain thru the Knitting Doctor’s experiences. (That postprandial look has been on my face more than once on vacation!) I love that you bring your bear on vacation. Must have good luck and good traveling companions.

  3. these are great! and i have to admit i am rather fond of those marketshots.
    it is midmorning here and although i only finished breakfast about an hour ago…looking at those paella photos is making me hungry.

  4. Thanks for sharing the travel photos. The paella is making me a touch hungry. I’m enjoying the travel diary, can’t wait to read about the rest of your trip.

  5. What a view from your hotel window! I’ve waited a little bit to comment because I wanted to take the proper time to really read your first long entry and really soak in your pictures! So, this morning I had a great cup of coffee and came back to your blog and enjoyed every minute of it. From the journey to the pictures-what a gorgeous place on Earth! Ah, yes, Sweetpea is one lucky bear! Thank you for taking so much time to share with your readers!…and to think, I was thinking you were somewhere trapped on some patio typing all the words needed for your write-a-thon..HA!
    I bet that WAS the best trip so far…your very lucky to be able to go on such beautiful trips. Si, Barcelona should be your next visit..from my husbands pics (he has visited twice compliments of the US NAVY)-it’s gorgeous as well. Can’t wait to see more of your travels!

  6. welcome back! These pictures are great and I can’t wait to see what else is waiting to be posted…
    (how long of a plane trip was it?)

  7. Paella!! Mmmmmmmmm…The last time I had that I was taking Spanish 101 in college and I had to tell the class how it was made-in Spanish! Everybody got to have a bit so it wasn’t much of a serving since I had only bought one bowl. The chef had made it as a special. It was SOOOOOO good!!! When I went back to get more, the chef had since left. ๐Ÿ™ I’m so jealous!! But so happy you had such a wonderful time!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard. Real, honest to goodness Paella! And look at all that delicious food! Can’t wait to see more pictures from your trip.

  9. Oh, how your photos of Spain make me long for that wonderful peninsula. We lived in Barcelona for one glorious year, returning to the Midwest in August. Did you know there is a Knitting Group in Madrid? I also helped to start one in Barcelona. Let me know if you want to see their websites. We absolutely loved Spain and plan to return for a month this coming summer. I knit on all modes of transportation, in all cafes, parks and sites around Spain, but I never saw another knitter. Maybe knitting in public is not acceptable. Did you find any examples of public knitting??