Spain Photos, Part 3,


The Case of the Missing Sweater Sleeve

First, the knitting content. I’ve finished all the pieces to the Not-Really-An-Everyday Cardigan. There was a little sleeve mishap in the process. I finished the body pieces before we went to Spain, but didn’t take it along to work on, as it was a little bulky for the carry-on bag. After I got home and recovered from my jet lag, I pulled out the sleeve that I had started, and went back to work. I was about a third done with the sleeve, and decided to go ahead and block the body pieces and the first sleeve that I was certain that I had finished, so they would be dry and ready to start seaming when I finished that last sleeve.

The only problem was that I couldn’t find the first sleeve. I was quite certain that I had done it before we left for the trip; so certain that I tore up the house looking for it, and even considered the possibility of a sleeve thief in the neighborhood. After digging around for days and losing sleep over where it might be, I reviewed previous blog posts, counted up the balls of yarn remaining, and determined that I indeed had not ever knit the first sleeve. I do occasionally dream about knitting (OK, I frequently dream about knitting), but I’ve never actually hallucinated finishing a whole garment piece that I have in fact never started.

After some judicious swearing, I have now finished both sleeves, and it’s all blocked, ready for the sewing party, then the neck and band finishing. Here are the pictures:



Now for the Spain pictures. Today, we travel to Gibraltor. We drove from Marbella along the coast to get there, but then parked our car on the Spain side and walked across the border, thereby avoiding the hour-long line of cars trying to get over. Here’s the Rock from the Spanish side:


And walking in:


We took a guided driving tour of the city, which took us to all the major sites. It’s not that difficult to walk the whole area, but as we only had a few hours, we opted for the more expeditious way to see everything. Part of the Rock is a nature preserve, and is home to the famous “Barbery apes”, which are anything but wild at this point. Here’s one fine example:


And a few more:



A word of warning to any other Barbery ape visitors: these monkeys are little thieves (maybe that’s where that sleeve went). That cute little fellow on my shoulder snatched my reading glasses off my bag on his way down and scampered off with them. Our guide had to bribe him with a whole bag of cheetos to get them back.

This photo is a reminder of what Gibraltor meant to the British in past years:


They wouldn’t let John fire the cannon, for some reason.

We toured the Siege Tunnels that were built by the British. Here are a couple of photos from inside the Rock:


Yes, the road in and out of town goes right across the runway.


That would be the shadow of the Rock, from inside the Rock.

After a busy day of touring, we stopped at a pub in town for some very British pub food and a pint to tide us over.



Ahhhhh. And no, I was not the designated driver.

Here’s another view of that runway, from ground level as we were leaving.



I hope they don’t make any unscheduled landings here.

Back in our condo, here is John reading up on the history of Spain, with a visiting feral cat that seemed to like our hospitality. Note: if you happen to be the owner of this condo, move along. There’s nothing for you to see here. We certainly weren’t the ones who let that cat in.


That’s enough of the travelogue for today. I swear, I’ll finish these soon! I’ll leave you with a puppy photo from earlier today. Riley likes to sleep in on cold mornings. Actually she likes to sleep in every morning; she’s not much of a morning puppy.



Spain Photos, Part 3, — 6 Comments

  1. Your new camera is doing a fine job.
    I once left a Fairisle sleeve under a table at conference. They said it was the strangest item ever left behind.
    Speaking of hallucinating, after my knee surgery, I dreamt that it was 2:00,a.m., time to take another pain pill. Trouble is, in real life I took the pill, but it wasn’t 2:30, it was a half hour past my previous dose. I felt no pain after that!

  2. OH what fun pictures, I love the pictures of the Apes, I’m quite jealous. I think I may have to visit, just so I can hold an ape. I wonder if the apes know if they steal things that people will bribe them with food to get them back, seems like a pretty smart ape.
    Could a vacation with a visiting kitty be any better?
    What a sweet snuggly Riley. Abner likes to sleep in on mornings to, in fact this morning he really didn’t want us to get up, so he laid across my husband and I trying to pin us down. Unfortunately it didn’t work, I still had to get up and go to work.

  3. I think all condos, hotel rooms, movie theaters, etc, should have cats available for those who need them.
    And why would they have the cannons there if not to be fired??!! For heaven’s sakes.

  4. Wild monkeys and feral cats? You sure you weren’t on some warped Spanish safari?
    As for the sleeve, I had to chuckle. I’ve managed to dream some crazy things, but never have I dreamt about finishing a sleeve! There must be some psychological meaning to it…

  5. I was laughing reading about the sleeve you never made. I lose stuff I know I made all the time but mostly it’s because even though I try to keep all my knitting organized, I usually fail miserably. Your hair looks great in the picture of you with the ape! Were you nervous having him on your shoulder?

  6. My mom (as well as I) got a big kick out of the ape pictures.
    That cat is a scream, too.
    Great pictures.