My birthday was this week, and I received some lovely gifts from relatives that have left me speechless.

The first was from my husband. We had decided we weren’t going to “do” gifts this year, as we just spent a week in San Francisco and spent enough money in some very fine restaurants to feed a third-world country for months. I came home from work Tuesday and found these:


And this:


It’s a wine and cheese teapot, of course.

And from my sister-in-law:


And this tasteful refrigerator magnet:


From one of my sisters:




From my other sister:


You of course want to see what’s in it, don’t you? Sure you do.


It’s a Bunko card game, complete with Barbie cards.

Last, but certainly not least, is the gift from Jen, my husband’s daughter.


She starts out looking like this:


You push a button on the back, and she “shushes” you:


This comes complete with librarian bookmarks, and a Librarian Action Figure Trading Card. By the way, the librarian is supposed to be Seattle librarian Nancy Pearl, author of Book Lust. It’s a great book.

Some women get jewelry or kitchen appliances for their birthdays. What can I say; my family knows me too well.

And just because it was on the same photo card as all of these pictures, I’ll leave you with a photo of where I live. Well, near where I live.


Purty, ain’t it?

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Speechless — 12 Comments

  1. Happy belated birthday! I love the librarian action figure. And I would take a trip to ArtFibers over b-day presents any year (although that’s probably where I would spend the third world country budget). Sounds like you had a great one!

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a fun one. Mine was on the 3rd, and I am still celebrating. I love October.

  3. Oh, where do you live? That is GORGEOUS!!!! All your gifts are wonderful!-Happy Birthday! I couldn’t believe seeing your tea pot (love it)…I have an exact type that my husband gave me for Christmas many years ago…it’s a pink colored desk with an old typewriter, old type phone and a pieces of paper on tope one hanging over like your ‘table cloth’…I wonder if it’s by the same company? Mine has ‘Buschase’ on the bottom..yours? How neat!