Spinning & Knitting

The Tour de Fleece is nearly over, and the Ravelympi Ravellenic Games are about to begin! I have been doing a bit of spinning for the Tour. Here you go.

The first three photos are closer to the correct color, but I couldn’t resist the last one. This one was “properly” started and finished during the tour. Even better, I have plans to knit it up into something for the Games. I think it will be a Lacy Baktus. The fiber is a merino/bombyx silk blend from Corgi Hill Farms.

Next up is silk, pure silk, from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. The color is Ghillie Dhu, and it is almost but not quite white, with a tiny cast of pale green. I won’t finish this by the end of the Tour, but will get about half way through it (I have 8 oz total). If you’re looking for this on the website, it’s the bombyx silk roving. It is purely divine to spin. If I win the lottery, I’m buying a pound of this in every color she dyes.

I have no idea what this will be eventually. I’m thinking a shawl. I haven’t quite decided, but I might leave it as a single instead of plying it.


Click on that if you dare, but try to keep from drooling on your keyboard.

If the sun keeps shining today, I might try to photograph that outside to get a better color estimate. It was pretty grey and icky yesterday when I took photos, and I’m too lazy to photoshop it to get the right color.

Then there are spindles! Primarily I’m working on a very old project. This is also from Anna at Corgi Hill Farms, when she was still doing batts. This one is merino, silk, and firestar for sparkle, color named True Blood.

That’s what I’ve gotten done so far. Here’s what I have left.

Yes, I know. I probably won’t finish that by Saturday either.

I have been knitting a bit, if nothing else just to give my spinning muscles a rest. Drop spindling a million yards a day can be hard on the hands. Here’s a blast from the past, just one of many things I’m working on.

Finally, for the Games! I do have some projects lined up. My major project will be in the category of WIP wrestling, since there is no way I’m starting another big project just for Ravellenics. I am going to work on, and try to finish the True Blood Faery Ring sweater. I “just” have part of the hood and the never ending button band to go and it’s done done done. I think I can actually get the hood done, the button band might require mass quantities of whisky to accomplish. It goes up and down both fronts, of course, but also around the hood, all in one continuous band. Here’s a reminder of where I am.


That’s the hood, so far.

I do plan on starting two things for the Games. One is the Lacy Baktus mentioned above. The other will be a Tea Cosy, since my team is Team Sherlocked, and I needed to knit something at least vaguely British-inspired. Here’s the pattern:

It’s the Crown Tea Cosy, and here’s my yarn, from the stash, no less.

I just need to get my butt out and buy sequins or beads for the thing. Those two projects are small enough that I might actually have some hope of finishing.

It’s time to get my butt in gear and get something accomplished today. There is apparently an airshow at McChord this weekend, which is ten blocks and across the freeway from where we live. They are out in full force today, practicing, and as usual, the turn around zone is right over my house. It’s a good thing that I wasn’t counting on peace and quiet!


Spinning & Knitting — 9 Comments

  1. That tea cozy is adorable! I might need to make one of those myself someday. (Ah, someday…) Love the red spinning and the Faery sweater — red, and especially those reds, are my favorite colors. Keep going, one more stitch, one more row, and [eventually] it will be done.

  2. The colors of fibers you are spinning are beautiful! I can’t wait to see the finished true blood sweater it looks awesome!

  3. That’s a lovely PyoS in the first photo. You could probably do something British with that.

  4. Your spinnings are fabulous! I love the colors. And your Trueblood will be really wonderful. I just finished one of those projects that go on forever, and, although I didn’t like the resultant sweater that much, it was thrilling to be done with it. Yours will have the added thrill of being a great sweater.

    I’m abut to make a tea cozy also. I haven’t quite decided how it will be yet, but I have gotten the yarn.

  5. All your spinning is lovely, as usual. It inspires me to get back to the wheel. I’m afraid that alcohol of any kind would just slow me down! I’m only tackling one project – Haruni. Not a stretch for me as far as completing it. The challenge is practicing project monogamy! I’m really look forward to seeing the Faery Ring done! As I’m sure you are too.

  6. Nice wrapup. Not seeing the silk, nuh-uh. You’ve done enough enabling, tnxno.

    LOVE the tea cozy. Can’t wait to see the FO.

  7. Love the red sweater. Years ago someone gave me 18 skeins of a beautiful red yarn yearning to be a sweater/jacket project. Yours is beautiful.