Stealth Knitting

I promised a link to my latest Stealth Knitting project. The problem with gift knitting is that it can’t be used as blog fodder. If you’re on Ravelry, here’s the link.

Baby knitting is a mystery to me. It’s not like this is a surprise, I’ve had at least six months notice to come up with something clever and unique to knit. Why is it that suddenly 3 weeks before the due date, I’m stunned by the fact that there will be a new baby in the family? Because I’ve waited so danged long to get started, everything else on the project list is in a time out until I finish this.

So what am I making? As a clue for all you knitter-blog readers, a certain East Coast knit designer who happens to love knitting with tweed posted a finished project on his blog recently. Though there is no pattern for it, at least not yet, I’m doing an improvisation of the same thing. I’m not saying anything more. Ravel it to find out.

OK, here’s something that I can show photos of. I’m continuing to work on my spindle spinning, and of course all you spinners out there predicted that I’d fall hard once I fell into the spinning well. Here’s my second spindle full of that garish Mountain Colors stuff.

Perhaps a bit better, eh?

The next bit should also come as no surprise to those of you following this blog for a while. I’m not so much a fan of that clunky Ashford student spindle. It’s heavy, the hook is not terribly well designed, and there is no notch for the yarn to follow. I did figure out how to improvise an “outie” spindle notch using these very creative instructions from Knitty. I can spin on this thing, but it would be hard to make anything other than the heavier weight yarns with it, at least for a beginner.

Meet my new friend.

This is a Bosworth Midi spindle. The whorl is made of Zebrawood, and it is just a delight to use. It weighs about 29 grams. If you haven’t tried one, go look at them. Sheila was very helpful, with speedy and friendly service. I also bought a new wad of fiber. This is Blue Faced Leicester from Paradise Fibers, and it is just the nicest stuff to spin. Here are a few more pictures.

That’s a hard color to photograph well. It’s actually not so grey in real life, it’s more of a tweedy light oatmeal color. If I ever get enough of this stuff to ply*, I could see this as a pair of socks.

I’m off Thursday for my spinning lesson and wheel investigation. I’ll take the camera to document the adventure so you all don’t miss a minute!

*Ply?? Good grief, something else to have to figure out.

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My name is Lorette. I learned to knit in 1999, and took up spinning in 2009. I'm a physician specializing in internal medicine, and live in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy my blog!


Stealth Knitting — 17 Comments

  1. Flash forward six months….The Knitting Doctor has added on a room to her house, which is already full of spindles, wheels, roving, and fleece. She is eying the backyard with visions of a sheep enclosure.

  2. Your spinning is looking wonderful! I just received my latest issue of Spin Off, and I think I’ve gotten the bug again. So much I took a day off next week for me and my wheel to get reaquainted with one another.
    I’ve given up knitting baby gifts. Well except quick little hats. But then I don’t really have any knitterly friends that really appreciate a hand-made gift. Even if its perfect, they look down on it as hand-made.

  3. Beautiful spindle, and lovely yarns. My spindle spinning could use some work, but then so could my wheel spinning.

  4. You know, you are such a bad influence. I don’t even know how to spin, yet I really want one of those spindles …

  5. I’m having so much fun watching you learn to spin. I have a spindle that I take out and occasionally fondle, but I’m just not ready yet. Your yarn is looking good!!

  6. you need a wheel. You definitely need a wheel. Using a drop spindle is like taking x-rays with a hand held portable and wet processing. Wheels are lovely, digital and come with neat gadgets.
    Trust me, you will love several!

  7. a small bit of unasked for advice from a pal…. wait until you have your wheel to ply…… its so much easier.
    and maybe even consider buying a turkish drop spindle from Ed and Wanda Jenkins (they are my absolute FAV drop spindles ever!) They make a center pull ball that is very easy to ply from (and you don’t need a nostepenne, nor do you need to wind it off).
    oh, dear you, there are so many wonderful new toys that will be arriving in your life.
    I wish that I had the hours free in the day to come over and bring my wheels so you can test drive them… maybe we can make a plan?

  8. Yeah, wait for the wheel like Teyani said. Easier.
    So much fun! Love your Bosworth..I started out on one of their midis.

    Several years ago I printed a pattern out called feathers and fanor a near facscimile of it called buttefly. I started a project and put it away due to moving and relocating to a senior facility and now I have pulled it out to finish. Guess what. I donot have the pattern. Can you help me. I am desperate.