Still Digging Out

Well. This week has been very weird. Thank you to everybody who commented on my last post. It is indeed traumatic to lose a grand old tree, and even more traumatic to think how close it came to doing serious damage to my sweetie and the house. At some point though, you have to put it in perspective, and move on. We were only without power for a little over a day, and we do have a generator that runs the essentials. I couldn’t  get my car (a little VW Bug) out of the driveway until Sunday, but John was able to get his car out once we cleared some of the downed branches, so I did get to work.

We still have snow on the ground, though it’s melting relatively quickly. We also still have a huge tree on the ground in the back yard. Zeb (remember Zeb?) and his crew came last week to survey what needs to be done, but couldn’t get their truck down into our yard, so all they were able to do was cut the tree back enough so it wasn’t leaning on the house and deck rails, in case it were to shift. They are coming tomorrow for more definitive management, meaning turning it into firewood. Here are some more photos.

And here’s the maple in the front yard. It lost about a third of its branches. Zeb thinks it will survive, though it looks like it got drunk and gave itself a really bad haircut.

The good news part of this is that we’ll get to plant a new tree in the spring! Exciting! I want an oak tree, but I’d have to live to about 150 to see it grow up. Whatever we plant, it will be fun to watch it grow.

In much more fun news, my home town has a new burger joint. The sign has been up for awhile, but they finally opened a week or so ago. We got there today for lunch.

Really, John was much happier about his burger than he looks. I just didn’t want to take any more pictures. Yum!

And speaking of even better news, I got an early Valentine’s present* yesterday.

My old camera was starting to get a little “quirky”, and this (it’s a Canon 60D) is a definite step up. It does everything except, apparently, clean dog hair off my furniture.

OK, I’m off, I have an appointment for a haircut later today. One of these days I might even post knitting photos!

*Of course, John thinks it’s OUR camera. He can have his little delusions.


Still Digging Out — 11 Comments

  1. So odd that you got all that snow and we still have very little. I’m glad no-one was hurt in the tree falling! I’m also very jealous of the Five Guys, they have fabulous Gluten Free Protocol and I’m wanting to try their fries. Soon, once I get moved there’s one in IF and I can enjoy.

  2. Doesn’t a stop at Five Guys just seem to cure what ails ya??!!

    Glad things are getting cleared out a bit and am so thankful that the damage wasn’t more serious. I understand that feeling of being unnerved. When our last tree fell and all the lights starting blowing up in the house, I just kept thinking how lucky I was that I wasn’t “on time” that day or that tree and those power lines would’ve landed on me.

    Take care!!

  3. How about a monkey puzzle tree? Northwest friendly and it looks like you have the space.
    I thought that saying was “except *** you on Saturday night.” 🙂

  4. If they ever create a camera that gets dog hair off furniture, I’m buying 10.

    So sad about the tree, but fortunately there was no damage of home or person. There’s a grand old tree in the middle of a field near my house, the day that tree falls will be sad indeed.

  5. Wow! It’s amazing what Mother Nature can do! Good to know no one was hurt, but I hate seeing a great tree like that come down.

    Nice camera, by the way.

  6. 5 guys!!!!! We LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE 5 guys. YUM!!

    Of course, we can only indulge no more than once a week; it does a serious number on our digestive tracts. But still–YUM!!!

    Glad no one was hurt by the tree. It is sad to see them go, but now you get to start a new one. We are partial to fruit trees–would that be a possible choice?

  7. That magnificent moss…
    Your oak tree could get to a good size in 10–15 years. I know, it’s still a long time and we are not talking “majestic”.

    Congratulations on your new camera!

  8. Love Five Guys! We’ve had one in our downtown area (walking distance – maybe 3/4 mile) fir about 6-7 years. They have great hamburgers & incredible French fries. But I’ve been afraid to eat them since I had my gallbladder out – just can’t handle that much fat – sigh.