Still Here…

On vacation, that is. We did a mid-week arrival and departure, so we don’t leave PV until Wednesday. So you’ll have to put up with more photos of crappy weather for a couple more days.

Saturday we did a whale watching cruise. We saw a lot of whales as well as some dolphins and manta rays. There are no photos of the rays, since they are under water. Here are the dolphins at play.

The whales were harder to photograph. We saw a bunch of them throughout the day, but by the time you see them and get the camera pointed in the right direction, this is mostly what you end up with.

Here’s a little better one.

They are really pretty magnificent animals. A couple times they surfaced right next to our little boat. We were on a small rubber Zodiac craft, which has its pros and cons. The pros are that it’s fast and maneuverable, so we got a lot farther out from shore than we would have in a bigger more comfortable boat. Being a tiny little rubber raft, those whales looked pretty gigantic. The cons are that there was no room to move, so we were stuck sitting on one seat for the whole nearly five hours. And no bathroom facilities. That was definitely a con. It was well worth it, though.

Here’s a photo of where we are staying:

There have been lots of opportunities to walk on the beach.

There has been some progress on the Big Pink Thing.

Now with White!

Last but not least, another in a long line of margaritas.

We’re off to visit the downtown again today. I’m looking forward to a little shopping and a little lunch. Maybe even another of those margaritas!

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  1. I feel more relaxed just reading about your day! What fun! Except for the facilities in the boat. My upper limit is about one hour unless I put myself on a fluid restriction in advance. I could never go five hours. Never!