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I finished the body of the Rogue sweater last night. I have a question for anybody who has made this sweater. What’s with the lone stitch on a holder at the front of the v-neck? I was just going to knit it together with the next stitch on one side, but I figured there must be some reason for this. The directions say to keep it on a holder till you are doing the finishing, then tack it down in the back. Hmmm. I am to the point of picking up all the stitches around the neckline to start the hood. I am also assuming that you need to pick up the wraps that are done on the throat cabling shaping, though it doesn’t specify this in the pattern. There is a lot of cabling on that hood, is all I have to say.

We leave for vacation in a week, and I probably won’t get much knitting done in the meantime, so I’m trying to decide whether to pack this along or not. I doubt that I’ll finish the hood before we go, and it is pretty bulky for travelling purposes. Bummer. I really want to finish this soon. Maybe I’ll just put the hood on a holder and start a sleeve…that won’t weigh so much.

We are going to Spain for about two weeks, and part of the trip involves train travel, so we’re planning (hoping) to travel light. Actually my husband is planning to travel light. Travelling light to me means only one steamer trunk. I start out packing with good intentions, and by the time we’re ready to leave I have everything I own in bags by the door. I’m already negotiating to purchase part of his suitcase space allottment.

Here are pictures of the Rogue progress.


That throat bit is actually a split v-neck, though the picture doesn’t show it well. The markers are on those wrapped stitches so I don’t forget about them.


The pattern also called for short row shaping on the shoulders, which I’ve done before. But then she has you bind off the shoulder stitches and seam them later instead of doing a three needle bind off. I did it the way the pattern is written as I thought that there might be some reason for this, but I believe you could do a three needle bind off easily without changing anything.

Last but not least, here is a gratuitous dog picture for your amusement. We all went to the park again yesterday. Daisie’s ears just make me laugh.


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Still More Rogue — 6 Comments

  1. You know, I wondered about the shoulder stitches as well. I’m doing the cardiganized version, and in reading Claudia’s comments between doing her first and second versions of the sweater . . . she did a three-needle bind off the first time, but decided not to the second time, in order to give the sweater a really solid seam and to keep the shoulder actually on her shoulder, rather than sagging a bit. That’s the best reason that I can think of against the three-needle, but I guess it’s more a question of personal preference and/or how heavy your yarn is. The sweater looks great!

  2. Rogue is looking great! How frustrating to leave it, but what a great trip. Having carted luggage all over England several times, I agree with your husband – pack light!! The three needle bind off is my favorite shoulder treatment, but I sewed the shoulders on my Rogue – I agreed with Claudia that the extra weight, expecially with tugging on the pockets, might make it sag otherwise. Can’t explain that extra stitch – I did the cardigan and so avoided it. And Daisie looks just like our soon-to-be puppy! A little less than two weeks – we are very excited. Enjoy your trip; we’ll expect lots of pictures.

  3. I did the cardigan also so I did’t have to deal with that.A friend did the pullover & didn’t know either what the st was for. She decided to just tack it down. You could always ask Jenna from Girl from Auntie. She is great at getting back to her emails.Good luck.
    Rogue looks great!!!

  4. Ha ha ! I am totally laughing, as I sit here packing for a trip, for which I have way too much stuff…including knitting! But wouldn’t it be horrible if I ran out of yarn!??!