We’ve had another of those weird spring days here. Cold, pouring rain, grey, and then all of a sudden, bright and sunny. That didn’t last, but it got me outside with the camera to try to get a decent photo of the color of my Evenstar shawl. This will have to do, since it’s pouring rain again. At least it’s raining in the front yard. The sun is still shining in the back yard. Weird.

That’s the best it’s going to get. The inside photos of this color just look pale grey-blue. In real life, it’s a pale clear aquamarine color. The yarn is a cashmere silk 2-ply light laceweight from Colourmart, for those of you not keeping up.

Oh, good, now it’s a downpour out back too, that was worrying me.

I never did show any photos of our trip out to Whidbey Island for the spin-in and visit with Dorothy. Here are a couple of Deception Pass, probably the most photographed spot in Washington. Click these to embiggen.

Here’s John, as usual, not following directions:

And here are a couple from the spinning day:

There were some serious opportunities for fiber stash enhancement, and I did not pass many of them by unheeded. Here’s one, already on the spindle.

This is a blend of deep red, blue and purple wool, along with some firestar sparkly stuff. There’s about three ounces of it total, and I think it will be a light fingering when I’m done with it. We’ll see. I think that would make a pretty little neck thing, either a scarf or a cowl.

I’ve been spending much of the last few days that I’ve had off trying to organize my fiber office. Fiber Office, that sounds sort of official, doesn’t it? Much better than the Pit of Despair, which is what it usually looks like. Now that it’s a bit more organized, I have discovered that I have way too many WIPS and UFO’s than my usual comfort zone allows. I really need to get knitting on some of them. Hopefully you all will see some progress soon on things.

One last thing. I’ve been looking at my blog stats. The funniest three search strings that got people here lately are “big stonking circular shawl”, “clean knitters stories”, and “goofy knitting”. I’m not making that up. I’m off to knit…

ETA: “pee blog knit”. One silly person actually got to my blog by typing that into Google. If you’re that person, please comment and explain exactly what you were looking for.


Sunbreak — 7 Comments

  1. I didn’t know you were a sparkly yarn girl…but I do remember the deely boppers that you wore once that sparkled, so mebbe so.

    John is SUCH a boy. Of course he had to do that. I would have just admired that scenery (the bridge, not the boy).

    I do know about that Pit of Despair. I’m being monogamous on WIPS until they are donedonedone. For now.

  2. Pit of Despair – you’re not referring to my sewing/fiber room are you? Boy, do I know the feeling. I probably have enough knitting/quilting/spinning projects started to last until the next century. Loved the photos of the spin-in. Wow! There really were a lot of people there? Your room is reserved for next year, too. And I love that sparkly stuff- must not buy new fiber, must not buy new fiber.

  3. “pee blog knit” could be someone searching for Norma’s rest stop reviews…

    Keep up the organization in the fiber office (sounds so official!). It’s much easier to spin with more control when your surroundings are more orderly. Seriously. Have fun!

  4. I love that picture of John!! Hee hee.

    Aren’t search terms astonishing?! I’m sort of afraid to look at them too often, because it’s hard to stop looking at them.

  5. I love your purple, red, sparkly yarn…Those are my three favorite-ist colors in the world.!!! What? Sparkly isn’t a color? Who sez?

  6. Well we all know that rainy fronts have boundaries so why does it seem so weird when we encounter one? About 10 years ago, I walked to the train station (on my way to work – a walk of about a half mile). It was bright & sunny when I walked out of the front door. when I got to the first corner (maybe 500 feet) & waited to cross the street, it was rainy. I looked back to check & it was still bright & sunny on our block. I walked a couple of blocks (about a quarter mile) in fairly heavy rain & then it was clear & sunny again – a very weird, very, very narrow (maybe 1,000 feet wide) rain system! I still remember the very first time I encountered something like that – I was very young – about 4 & we were driving up to the North Woods of Wisconsin (lots of lakes, trees – a common summer vacation destination for Chicagoans). This was so long ago that there weren’t any limited access highways yet. So the trip took about 12-13 hours on 2 lane roads. We spent an hour or so of our drive driving down the dry side of a 2 lane road with fairly heavy rain coming down on the other side. The shawl looks lovely & I love the sparkly yarn (I’m not usually a sparkly person – or a girly girl as far as that goes but I also like the Dream in Color Starry.)