I had all these great plans to do post after post of the Scotland photos. I just give up. John got ahead of me and did a Picasa photoshow, complete with captions, so I’m just going to link to it and leave it at that. I will admit that even I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the photos we took. Here it is, go have a look. He picked a pretty good representation of where we went and what we did.

This week is starting off a little badly. I had the weekend off, which was great, except that yesterday I felt like crap. By evening I was feeling better, so figured I was over it, but woke up this morning still feeling like I had a bug. I went as far as taking a shower before I just threw in (down?) the towel and called in sick. I generally think that staying home sick is a real waste of time, since if I’m sick enough to stay home, I don’t feel like doing much else either. I guess that fits with the “surrender” theme. Oh well. I’m feeling better at this point, so will drag my sorry butt out of bed tomorrow and get to work whether I feel like it or not. If I spend too many days sick in bed, I can convince myself that I really AM sick.

Knitting is proceeding. I’ve fallen in love with that True Blood Faery sweater again. I’m still on the first sleeve, but it’s going well. Here’s a crappy photo or two. It looks much like it did the last time I showed it, but it really is bigger.

OK, I’m off to collapse on the sofa again, with a book and a cup of tea. Fortunately I have a huge stash of good books to sustain me!

P.S. Thanks for all the great birthday wishes! I might surrender and never get around to answering all the comments, so I figured I better say it here.


Surrender! — 10 Comments

  1. You poor thing! I have a bug too – maybe even the same one. I stayed home all weekend, and felt good enough to knit, but not much else. It has been way less awful than my usual autumn cold.

    The sweater is looking great!

  2. Whatever that bug is, it sure is contagious. I’m sick, too, though not sick enough to not eat. But I am sick enough to sleep instead of knitting; now that’s SICK!! Hope you feel better soon and am able to work without forcing it.

  3. Feel better soon!~ Those photos are fantastic! Spent the better part of 30+ minutes enjoying them. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  4. So sorry you’re sick. Whatever the bug is, it seems to be keeping itself down south for now, so you’re welcome to keep it there. Get well soon.

  5. I hope your strategy for coping with being sick works.
    I see what you mean by being overwhelmed by all the photos; they are great, though. Did Sweet Pea go with you from home to the UK and back or did you pick him up there?

  6. I hope you were feeling your usual feisty self when you got up today.

    I too feel like being sick is such a waste of time, but the world really won’t stop revolving on its axis if you lay around and do nothing for a day or two. Besides, you may outwardly be doing nothing, but your immune system is doing lots…so it’s okay…really…


  7. Thanks for the photos. It looks like you had a great time. I didn’t see any pictures of the blood stain (nearly invisible) in the floor of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh….did you not take the tour? You saw and did way more than I did..and now I am longing to spend a few weeks in Scotland.