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When Your Closet Shelves Fall Off The Wall, It’s Probably A Sign That You Have Too Much Stuff…

Early this week, at the very beginning of a long, (atypical for my new job) 7 day work stretch, I had a little closet disaster. I had gotten dressed and was at the computer checking email and heard a crash from the other side of the house. John and I rushed to investigate, and found this.

I stood there stunned for a minute, then burst into tears. Fortunately I was already dressed for work, since my underwear basket is at the very back of that mess. After we did a pet head-count to make sure nobody was lost under there, John sent me off to work with assurances that he would figure something out, and he did, of course, being the swell sweetheart that he is. I did figure it was time to dredge out the stuff I don’t ever wear or use. After working at it half-heartedly in bits and pieces, I waded into it in earnest yesterday and finished it up.

Here’s what’s going to the local domestic violence shelter:

Not Lewey, of course, he’s staying here. That’s probably about a hundred pounds of clothing, which is likely why the metal brackets on the shelves finally failed. Here’s what’s left.

The last photo shows the ingenious temporary “closet” that John rigged up, with the help of Randy, the guy that’s done all the remodeling work on this Halloween fun house that is the place we live in.

And yes, those are suitcases sitting there. Today is my birthday, and my sweetie has surprised me with two nights up north in the big city, here. We even have dinner reservations for a swanky French restaurant. And fortunately, I can get to my clothes so I have something to wear! Later, I’m off to pack!

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  1. Nice job destashing! And finding a good home for your extras. Hey, it’s my birthday today too! Happy birthday to us!!

  2. That’s awful! About the clothes, I mean. The rest – purging, birthday frolics, sweet husband, cute dog – all sound great. I am always happy when I get rid of things. Then, of course, within a week, I need something I gave away. I comfort myself by thinking of all the other stuff that is gone and that I don’t need and never will need.

  3. Edited to add – when I said, “What fun!” I WAS referring to the Fairmont, not the closet disaster. That’s not fun at all!

  4. Oh dear! I’ve had that happen and it was the impetus we needed to do a huge closet redesign. I also culled a bit as well. Glad to hear none of the pets were under all that and sorry you had to deal with it when you weren’t ready.

    Happy Birthday from our Corgi House to yours!


  5. Wow, sometimes disaster is the impetus for great changes! I keep worrying that my closet fixtures are going to pull down too… I guess I’ll do another round of preventive weeding sooner rather than later.

    Have a wonderful birthday trip!

  6. Happy birthday, of course! Great sweetie you have there.

    Join the great Destashing of Life’s Trash that many of us are doing. There is no Rav group. But shopping bags of clothes, and shredded paper, and obsolete computer parts are leaving this household. It feels GOOD.

  7. Happy Birthday! I know you will have a great time getting away. Your John is a GREAT husband…he fixes problems and then whisks you away for a romantic time. What more could a woman ask for?? (As long as the destashing didn’t involve your yarn, everything is perfect! LOL)

  8. Well, that cloud certainly had a silver lining! Not only did you get your closet cleaned out (which means room for some new(!) clothes(!), the shelter gets a great donation. Win-win!
    Happy Birthday, and have a fabulous trip!

  9. Hap[y Birthday one day late. All the best people are Libras.

    I need to destash my closet–the rod is bowing and the brackets are not looking healthy. Thanks for the warning….

  10. Glad to see the critters weren’t hurt in the disaster! It’s nice that you were able to destash a bit, too.

    Have fun on your trip!!

  11. Wow – scary. I have to admit that my closet doesn’t look much better than that in its’ normal state! I clearly have a lot of weeding out to do which I am doing very slowly but surely. Folks on Freecycle love us! What a nice birthday treat! I love Seattle – I think that is the hotel that is a point of departure for a lot of the nicer tours (the ones with small buses & small numbers of people). We stayed a block or 2 away rom there in a very nice, very quiet hotel (can’t remember the name offhand – it was over 6 years ago.)

  12. oh my GOSH that must have been a bummer!!

    so glad you have a handy husband! (aren’t they so nice to have around???)
    mine is too!

    ENJOY that trip!

  13. Oh hope you enjoyed your birthday! Hotel and Frenchness looked wonderful.

    Had the same thing happen in my much smaller closet many years ago. Really overwhelming when it happens. Good for you for donating your clothes!

  14. Happy Birthday, and have a wonderful weekend celebrating! Glad to see your closet disaster turned into such a great cause.

  15. my cloest and lack thereof has had a few avalanches like yours too…not fun
    Have a great weekend away and happy birthday!

  16. Happy Birthday! Bummer about the closet! But destashing clothes makes more room for yarn or new clothes, so there is at least something good to look forward to after the crash. Just this morning I was moving a big bag of yarn I’ll never use out of my closet’s top shelf into a giant Rubbermaid storage box on the coat closet floor because I’ve been piling too much yarn on the rack. Maybe I better go take another look and try to re-organize a bit more just in case. Enjoy your trip to Seattle and your birthday!!!

  17. A slightly belated happy birthday to you! I hope it was happy and swanky. I had a similar closet disaster once, and it’s getting to be time to do a purge again.

  18. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I’m glad that no one was hurt by the falling clothing andn that your wonderful husband took care of all of it for you!

    Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

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