Ten on Tuesday

I don’t think I’ve ever done one of these. Usually I discover the TOT topic on about Friday, and by then it’s too late. This week’s topic is Ten Reasons To Be Glad It’s Spring, and who doesn’t love spring? So here goes. This is courtesy of Carole.

1. Baby ducks! We’re a ways out yet, but this little pair of ducks has been hanging out, so I expect they’re getting ready to make a nest. It’s cute how the guy duck stands guard while his lady swims around and eats.

2. The smells of spring. I love that damp leaf smell as everything warms up.

3. Spring flowers. The first things up in our yard are hyacinthoides. They grow wild along our driveway, and if they’re in sun they’ve already started to bloom in places.

4. Longer days. This is the reason we celebrate winter solstice so vigorously around here. Sooner or later we start getting more daylight.

5. Less rain, eventually anyway. It’s been a pretty typically rainy winter here, and I’m ready for a little sunshine.

6. Walks in the woods without a bazillion layers of warm clothes.

7. The dogs will get to play in the lake soon!

8. Chirpy birds in the morning. It’s only been in the last week or two that we’ve had a little bird choir to wake us up in the morning. We have a pair of Steller’s jays making a nest in our trees again this year. They’re more raucous than chirpy, but welcome anyway.

9. Willie the cat loves spring because he gets to start spending more time outside. He’s been absolutely nutso the past 2 weeks being cooped up inside with spring rains.

10. The farmers markets open in a few short weeks! Mmmmmm…green garlic, sorrel, new spring lettuces. I can’t wait.

What do you love about spring?

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Ten on Tuesday — 17 Comments

  1. There’s a nearby creek and I’ve been hearing duck quacks the past few mornings as I head to the garage. Lovin’ the return of the birds!

  2. On Saturday we had about 20 Stellar’s jays in one of our trees…very bizarre. And while they were up in the tree, we had a bunch of quail running around underneath. If that’s a sign of spring, I’ll take it! We’ve also been hearing a chorus of frogs for about a week and I noticed a new smell in the air the past day or two. Bring on some warmer weather!

  3. We don’t really have spring in the Chicago area – I can only remember one year when we had a real spring (which I define as “can work the soil enough to plant peas & actually get some before it gets too hot for them”). High today 47* & rain – lots of it. Then one day along about the end of May or early June, it will get up to 80-85* & muggy. A balmy spring day – pretty much non-existent around here. We are more likely to have balmy days in the fall – say October.

  4. I think just about everyone in the PNW will vote for the more daylight thing. And a little warmer (but not hot). Just warm enough that you can go outside without a coat – like today!! And I love the flowering trees.

  5. I don’t have ducks or loons yet this year, but my dog did go in the lake already! Give him a few feet of open water along the shore and he can’t wait to go 🙂

  6. I love seeing baby ducks too!

    I like spring – the flowers, the trees all coming into bloom. I will admit that I get depressed when it’s near the end of springtime, since I don’t like summer …

  7. I do love the birds getting more verbal out there. Even the boring old mourning doves are talking again. And watching the nests…the babies…so renewing.

  8. Dandelions. I love dandelions, I’m also so happy to see their little yellow polka dots all over the yard once spring hits. I may be the human being with a lawn who loves dandelions.