Ten On Tuesday, the Cars Edition

I don’t usually do the Ten on Tuesday post, mostly because by the time I get around to it, it’s already Friday and I’ve missed it. I couldn’t resist this one though. Carole wants us to list ten cars that we’ve owned. I won’t get to ten, only because I haven’t had that many!

I’m going to do this in reverse chronologic order. And the current ones are the only ones I have photos of.



10. This is technically John’s car, though my name is on the registration too, so it counts. It’s a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe. It is dog-approved.

9. My ride.



That last one is the current license plate! This is a 1998 Volkswagen Beetle. Yes, I drive a ’98. It won’t quit, so I keep driving it. As it gets more dinged up, I just get more hippie stickers to cover the bumps and bruises.

8. An ancient Volvo sedan that was mostly John’s car, but I owned half of it. He got it used and drove it until it was almost dead.

7. Early 90’s Subaru Legacy wagon. It replaced–

6. Another Subaru wagon. This was about a 1982 model. I drove it until it dropped dead one day in the parking lot at work. It was towed in, they gave me $150 in trade in, mostly because the tires were still good.

5. Let’s see. Brief co-ownership of a Toyota Celica in the early 80’s. We only had it a couple of years, it was pretty but didn’t handle Montana winters very well.

4. Another VW Beetle, co-owned with my then-spouse. It was a 74 Love Bug, in a color that we lovingly called eagle-shit green. This one got rode hard, and finally totaled in a crash.


That’s it. That’s pretty pitiful. I can’t even get to ten, and most of those technically belonged/belong to spouses. I drove two Subarus into the ground, and I’m working on that VW. I’m thinking my next car might be another Subaru.

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Ten On Tuesday, the Cars Edition — 6 Comments

  1. Just came back from a vacation to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons,etc. and drove a rental car that was amazing. It was a, wait for it, FORD C-Max hybrid! I fell in LOVE with that car-comfortable heated seats, plenty of room,wonderful screens on your dash to tell you the speed limits in an area, if you were using battery vs. gas at the moment, navigation routes, GREAT mileage,etc. The car actually put up a screen when you turned it off to say, “Thank you for driving a hybrid”, and then showed all these green leaves & vines to give you an idea of how much energy you saved on that particular day. So cool!! I could go on and on about its virtues. Got home to my Toyota Highlander (2006 model), and it’s now just ok. Think I’ll definitely look into some type of hybrid/electric vehicle when I’m in the market again.

  2. I drove my beloved purple Escort wagon into the ground, then got a used 1997 BMW 318ti (two-door hatchback) and drove it until it decided not to start when the temp was below zero (even with a new battery!). Since the temp was below zero most of last winter, we had to part ways. I now have a 2008 BMW 5-series station wagon that has more bells and whistles than I’ve ever had on a car. (I’ve had WAY more cars than that – this is just the last 15 years.)

  3. Subarus forever! (They seem to be the single most popular cars among knitters participating in this Ten on Tuesday event.) I love your car attitude: drive ’em into the ground/until they die.

  4. 10 cars…
    10. We recently purchased a 1995 Jeep that my husband and his coworkers are turning into our daughters “dream vehicle”. Excited to drive the jeep. My name is on the title, so, I think that counts.
    9. I now drive a 2003 Yukon XL that we purchased in 2010. Plan to drive this vehicle until it dies!
    8., 7., 6., 5., I inherited my fathers four vehicles. A 2004 Yukon, 1967 Jeep CJ, 2006 Diesel Truck, and his 1985 Chevy Suburban (his favorite of his vehicles). Held on to those for two years and finally sold them last year.
    4. Briefly owned a Dodge Durango. It was great until my pregnancy with Madison. (We discovered I was pregnant while doing bloodwork for my first back surgery in 2005). Needless to say, surgery was postponed a year and we had the luxury of company vehicles from my husbands former employer. Sold the Durango.
    3. We bought a 1998, standard, Ford Explorer while living in Mobile, AL just before we married. Two weeks after our honeymoon, my husband accepted a job in my home state of Montana. We moved to Montana (the first of three treks back and forth across the country). He still drives the Explorer! It won’t die!
    2. In college, at USA, I drove a 1992 Toyota Paseo. Loved that vehicle. Great gas mileage. Except my Dad bought it Montana and often stated, “It can’t be that hot down there (Mobile, AL). The car was black with dark grey interior and NO AIR CONDITIONING. UGH. Kept that until 2003.
    2. In high school I drove a 1991 red Honda CRX. The girl that bought it from me hit a cow on a dirt road. She was fine, the car and cow didn’t fare as well.
    1., 1.2., my first car was a 1981 Saab Turbo that I inherited when my brother died. My Dad sold it with a lein attached. Then he bought the CRX, which he sold while I was in Europe playing volleyball. I returned to my beloved Saab.

  5. I’ve had 9 cars in my life…my husband, OTOH, gets a new one every two years because he runs the wheels off of them…

    The longest I’ve owned a car is 7 years. The shortest is 2 years – My dad bought me a car right after my junior year in college. He died two years later. I sold my car and gave my mom the money for my dad’s. Two of my cars have been white, one bronze-ish, one gold and five have been red. Three of my cars had names. My first car was the family hand me down – a 65 year old Chevy Biscayne with no power steering or a/c. I called it Harvey Wallbanger because 1. I got a bumper sticker from a Harvey Wallbanger party I attended and I applied it to the bumper. 2. The car was very wide and long and it was tricky to park it in the garage. I hit the dryer twice and side wall once. The Bronze car my dad bought me was a Chevy Malibu and I named it Coco.

    My current car is red, her name is Lexi and I’ve had her for 5 years.

    I love your VW Bug!