Ten Years! Free Yarn!

That “free yarn” in the title always draws out the lurkers!

So it’s been a whole decade since I’ve been sharing my knitting, spinning, goofy knitting mistakes, cooking, and traveling, along with a lot of other fun along the way. It’s actually fun to go back through and read old entries to remind me of all that’s gone on around here in the last decade.

In honor of all of you sticking around for so long, there will be free yarn. LOTS of free yarn. I mentioned cake before, but couldn’t figure out how to upload that, so you “just” get yarn.

The contest rules? All you need to do is tell me your top FOUR knitting patterns. It can be for shawls, one-skein wonders, socks, whatever. It doesn’t have to be something you have knit before, it could be on your “want to do eventually” list, or even “love it but will never knit it” list. Go crazy, surprise me!

I’ll let this run until the end of the weekend, so let’s say you have until Sunday March 30th at midnight Pacific time. Then I’ll draw a winner at random. Your entry has to have FOUR different knitting patterns mentioned in order to qualify.

Want to know what you’re playing for? I thought so. Here’s a selection of My Pretties from the stash.

Door Number 1:


First up is a skein of Jitterbug sock yarn in Lagoon, a skein of Yarntini sock yarn in Gin, and Zauberball sock yarn in Cranberries. Each is enough for a pair of socks.



Behind Door Number 2 is a package with the following; a skein of Online Supersocke in Sierra, a skein of Yarntini sock in Sangria, and hiding behind those two is a skein of Lorna’s Laces Solemate, in Christmas at Downton. Each of these is also enough for a pair of socks.

Door Number 3:


This is a whole big pile of Ironstone Infinity ribbon yarn. The color isn’t named, but the photo is pretty true on my monitor. There are 9 skeins, a total of about 1400 yards.

Last but not least, Door Number 4:


Two skeins of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Bambu, this is 800 yards total, 100% bamboo in the color Henpecked.

The winner will get to choose ONE of those four packages! And I get to put the other three packages back in the stash (my precccciiiooouuusssss).

As a disclaimer, all of these are complete skeins and have been lovingly stored, but they do live in a house with assorted cats, dogs, and dust bunnies. If you are deathly allergic to any of those pets, take this as your only warning.

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My name is Lorette. I learned to knit in 1999, and took up spinning in 2009. I'm a physician specializing in internal medicine, and live in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy my blog!


Ten Years! Free Yarn! — 45 Comments

  1. Oh my four favorites. That is hard, but I will give it my best shot. *warning* Most are shawls.

    1. Douceur by Mademoiselle C {http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/douceur-2} (I have also made two of these)

    2. 2011 KALendar by Carmen Oliveras {http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/2011-kalendar} (on my to-do list)

    3. Claire’s Shawlby Amanda Gill {http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/claires-shawl} (to-do list)

    4. Sheepy Draughts… and a Wolf Too by Aurรฉlie Colas {
    {http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sheepy-draughts-and-a-wolf-too} (to do)

  2. Wait, I have to pick only 4 patterns? This is very hard! I decided to go with patterns I’ve already made and pick some of my favorites from there.

    I love the Short Rows Round Pinwheel Baby Blanket because it’s super quick to knit, a great way to use up scraps, and if you swap out the color every other row instead of every section, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

    I love the Recess for Grownups mittens because they were all kinds of fun to make, and they make me smile every time I wear them.

    One of my very favorite toy patterns is Chicken, Chicken, Chicken by Yarn Miracle – I got to test knit those and they turned out absolutely adorable.

    And my favorite sock pattern (so far) is Cablenet by Ariel Barton.

  3. 4! favorites which I picked based mostly on my personal projects that I thought were super successful:
    1) color affection – I’ve seen many different versions, but mine is still my favorite
    2) Custom fit – sweater using amy herzog’s custom fit sweater site, 10 bux, but worth every penny for the first well fitting sweater I’ve ever made
    3) sugared violets – simple, sweet, but not dainty
    4) brattleboro hat, cute hat, super fun to knit

  4. Here are my current four favourites –

    1. Einstein coat – it is on my to do list; I think the endless garter stitch is what keeps this project from being started. I have the yarn stashed for it, so I really have no other excuse.

    2. Basic top down socks – perfect knitting project to carry in purse

    3. Echo Flower Shawl – The next shawl to tackle once I have sufficiently recovered from making nupps on the last shawl (swallowtail)

    4. Firmaments Lace Shawl – a pi shawl is something that is on my knitting bucket list

  5. Let’s see–I’m also going to pick from my finished projects:

    1) I just finished knitting an Icelandic sweater and I love it. The pattern was a mash-up of a custom fit recipe and “18 Var” from Istex Lopi No. 29 pattern book.

    2)Hedgehogs–I’ve made over a dozen of these little toys for my great-nieces & nephews, cousins, friends, children of friends. Free pattern from Purl Soho, “Knit Hedgehogs.” It’s the least fiddly knitted toy I’ve made and it’s adorable. Good for using up scraps.

    3) Chadwick–a small shawl by Stephen West.

    4) Deco–a cardigan pattern by Kate Davies. I have grown less fond of the sweater over time, but that’s because I didn’t execute it quite right. Still, it’s a spectacular design and fairly easy to knit, if you’re comfortable knitting sweaters.

    I also love knitting socks, but I’ll stay within the parameters and not add a sock pattern. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I love the My Knitted Heart Vanilla Socks pattern for striped yarns.
    I just rediscovered how much I love the Monkey sock pattern for crazy yarns.
    I can barely take my Heather hat (by Amanda Milne) off my head now that I’ve finished it, I love it that much.
    Clapotis remains one of my most worn and versatile scarves.

  7. My four can all be found in Ravelry:
    Occhielli cowl, Color Affection shawl, French Press Felted Slippers, Wendy Johnson’s Leftovers Cowl
    Thank you for the generous giveaway from your stash!

  8. Not entering, just stopping by to congratulate you on 10 years!

    Favorite pattern – my plain old basic toe-up sock pattern, which is cobbled together from a couple of different places. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Congratulations, Lorette!

    Here are my four “favorites” though I have to admit that the list can change by the hour …

    1. OWLS by Kate Davies. I even have the yarn. Someday they will come together.

    2. Plain, basic, socks. I love to knit socks, and I love to try different patterns, but I love just regular socks. They are the mashed potatoes (aka comfort food) of knitting for me.

    3. Whale Watch Hat, by Kate Gagnon Osborn. I have the pattern, I have the yarn, Kate is a friend. I have no idea why I haven’t knit this one yet. Probably the eejit factor.

    4. Shetland Triangle. I started this, messed it up, and frogged it, and have not returned since. But I will make this, because whenever I see one, I want one.

    Have fun with the contest, and I shall drink [several] glasses of wine in celebration of your anniversary. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. 1. I always go back to Jared Flood’s Turn a Square Hat whenever I need a quick hat pattern.
    2. In the same vein, when I need a good baby sweater, I use the Little Coffee Bean Cardigan by Elizabeth Smith.
    3. I absolutely ADORE Kate Davies’ Paper Dolls but haven’t done it yet (don’t know why, I’ve got yarn set aside and all)
    4. Mari Muinonen’s Sylvi coat is gorgeous and I’m so scared to try it.

  11. 1. Double Eyelet Rib Socks, Wendy D. Johnson, my favorite socks-for-me
    2. Oliver, Marlowe Crawford, my favorite socks-for-DH
    3. A Curved Shawl with Diamond Edging, Jane Sowerby, my favorite shawl
    4. Coeurs et Flocons, La Droguerie, because it takes my breath away, and someday I will make it

  12. 1.Kiri is my go-to shawl. The potato chips of shawls, I’ve made a dozen or so, from little scarf ones to really big ones. Big yarn, skinny yarn, it adapts.
    2. Fiddlesticks Peacock feather shawl. Wip forever in very skinny yarn, skacel merino lace. Maybe I should start over with a more reasonable yarn. The skacel is what I used for a bridal veil, after all.
    3.my standard two-at-a time on circs sock recipe with Balbriggan toes and heels. If you want it, just ask an I’ll email the file to you. Plain but effective. stubby toes, set square on the foot, 4 inc each side every other row. Twice the usual. Fits me and my rather inelegant duck-footed family. No long tapering toes on our feet, so none on our socks.
    4. Little house on the prairie shawl, free on Ravelry. Another potato chip pattern. I made maybe 10 just before last Christmas. Love ’em. Cast on the outer edge of a semi-circle, work a bit of lace, decrease like mad in a race to the center. Lots of fun, especially toward the end. Some were bigger yarn/needles and only 200 cast on, same ratio of decrease. Went really fast.

  13. I have lots – but recently:
    1. Gaptastic Cowl (great for a quick gift!)
    2. Leftie Shawl -currently working on my 3rd one
    3. Autumn Leaves Baby Sweater – so cute, quick & simple!
    4. Botanical Cowl – so elegant
    5. Infintude Cowl – Great pattern!
    Thank you for asking. I loved reading other peoples pattern choices. Now I have new ones on my to do list!

  14. I’m not sure how many years I’ve been reading your blog, but I’ve been reading knitting blogs since around 2008 and I really enjoy yours.

    My top 4 patterns are:

    1. 75 yd mmmmalabrigo mitts. With various color variations like this: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Melanthe/75-yard-malabrigo-fingerless-mitts-4
    2. Lanesplitter skirt – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lanesplitter-skirt
    3. Straight up socks http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/straight-up-socks
    4. Basic toe up socks http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/basic-toe-up-sock-pattern
    5. Granny square blanket. This isn’t knitting but I make tons of these for friend and family babies and hopefully someday soon for my own grandbabies.

  15. 1. Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A Clark, I knitted this for my daughter to wear at her wedding.
    2. Fingerless Gloves โ€œMusicaโ€ by Anne Neumann I knitted these this past Christmas again for my daughter who is a cellist.
    3.Thermis Cowl by Kris Knits another Christmas gift and fun knit!
    4.Monkey socks by Cookie A a classic!

    This was a great idea love seeing what patterns made other people’s lists!

  16. 1. Irish Hiking Scarf – I knit this for my boyfriend, and he loves it!
    2. Laurelwood Beanie – I knit this for myself, and it’s such a fun project!
    3. Berruti Beanie – Another knit for my boyfriend. It was so fun to knit up!
    4. Aureus Sweater – I haven’t knit this one, but I would love to!

  17. My favorite patterns:
    Lady Macbeth Sweater, designed by me
    Trailing Vines Mitts, designed by me
    Classic Mittens, originally a Bear Brand pattern possibley still available under a new name
    Any of Anna Zilboorg’s hats from 45 Fine and Fanciful Hats to Knit. I’ve done 3 of them recently and have a 4th planned

  18. Daybreak by Stephen West
    Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante
    Must Have Cardigan a Patons pattern
    Coriander Hat by Carol Feller

    Congratulations on 10 years of sharing. I appreciate your doing so.

  19. Chance of Showers by Heidi Kirrmaier
    Royal Cowl by Michelle Krause
    Shade of Pale by Phildar (need to translate pattern from French)
    Hitofude by Hiroko Fukatsu
    A-Line Hoodie by Diane Soucy

    This was fun. You have quie a following. Congratulations!

  20. 4? well let’s see:
    1. Tiny Top Down Sweater by Cabin Fever
    2. Pinwheel Baby Blanket
    3. Feather and Fan Baby Blanker
    4. Plain vanilla top down sock

  21. Congratulations on ten years!

    My favorites would have to be color affection, Ginny’s cardigan, Ishbel shawl, and just a little ruffle scarf.

  22. 1. Summer Flies by Donna Griffin (I’ve knit this twice and loved it both times and probably will knit again)
    2. Dreambird KAL by Nadita Swings (I think this would be very cool to do, but not quite up to it yet.)
    3. rams and yowes by Kate Davies (I love all her patterns and bought this one, but have not started yet)
    4. Woodruff by General Hogbuffer (These may be my next pair of socks. )
    I have move in mind but these are the current top ideas. ๐Ÿ™‚ But show me anything with color or interesting patterns and I WANT IT! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Congrats on 10 years, I think I’ve followed you off and on for about 6 or 7 years. From about when I caught on to knitting blogs.

  23. Congratulations! I always look forward to seeing your gorgeous projects. I am trying to be an intermediate knitter, so my projects are not very complicated. Current favorites include: Kimani Shawl, not yet attempted, but so lovely, on the TO-DO list;
    Racing Raindrops shawl, simple but effective, and can have so many variations with bead and yarn choices; Honey Cowl, a favorite among so many knitterly friends; Saroyen, my current shawl on the needles, simple and relaxing to knit.

    Your yarns are gorgeous!!

  24. 1. Eclipse by Hilary Smith Callis, I am working on this now, love Madeline Tosh yarn.
    2. Nancy’s Socks (toe-up) by Wendy Johnson, my travel knitting.
    3. Neckdown Pullover, from Knitting Pure & Simple by Diane Soucy, my warm, comfy sweater to wear at home.
    4. Vodka Gimlet by Thea Colman, next sweater I am thinking about knitting.

    Congratulations on 10 years. I enjoy your blog on knitting, traveling, pets and cooking.
    All things I like too.

  25. Happy 10!

    So hard to decide my favorites (this list could change at any time).
    1. Landscape shawl and scarf by Evelyn Clark; very versatile
    2. Any Myrna Stahman faroese shawl
    3. Jared Flood’s Quincy hat
    4. Doily with Spiral, Verlag Otto Beyer Design Team

  26. Okay only four….

    RPM by Aija Goto from Knitty, Summer 2006. One of my favorite go to patterns for socks.

    Sweet Summer Rays by Holly Priestley. Love this quick shawl. It is best for solids and is super easy. The designer is fun and I love many of her patterns.

    Intolerable Cruelty by Ashley Adams Moncrief from Knitty, Fall 2006. I just want to make this….something alluring about it….

    Curvy by Jacquelyn Jefferies. Just love the feminine look to this….

    Okay…four it is….can’t wait to see who wins!

  27. As a newish knitter and mostly self taught. My list a knit is small but list my TO KNIT is growing everyday

    French Press Slippers 5 pairs
    Itty Bitty Toys – ribit frog
    Elf slippers for my grandson for christmas
    matching for his big footed father
    many a washcloth

    to Knit
    and an actual garmet:^))))

  28. Congrats on your 10 years! I always enjoy reading your blog. Some of my favorites are those that I have already knit:

    Simple Sprinkle Cowl by Veera Valimaki
    Road Map Scarf by Susan Barstein
    Summer Flies Shawl by Donna Griffin
    Sothia Shawl by Robin Ulrich

  29. Congratulations on 10 years; I’ve been following you for at least 7 or 8 of those years….and always enjoy it immensely! My favorites:
    1. Spanish Dancer Shawl
    2. Lizard Ridge Blanket
    3. Color Affection Shawl
    4. Honey Cowl

  30. Congratulations on 10 years! I have been following you a long time…thanks! I will look to what I wear the most and get the most compliments.
    1. Stockholm Scarf by knittedblissJC
    2. Warm Heart Warm Hands by Susan Adkins fingerless mitts
    3. Handsies by Anne Hanson I have made so many of these! Love!
    4. Sideways Shawlette by Cynthia Cushing

    Thanks for the contest ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Congratulations on 10 years! I started reading just before you cut your hand in the fall with the wine glass. Been a fan since!

    Hard to pick just four, and I’m sure I would pick a different four if you asked me tomorrow, but here are my four for today:
    Chocolate Stout – a nice textured cardigan that I’d love to make for myself

    Foolproof – A cowl with no casting on & no binding off, no knitting in the round, no sewing, no grafting, no provisional cast on and no picking up stitches.

    Simply Fair Isle – a great 2-color hat with earflaps, perfect for little kids in sizes from newborn to older kids. I’ve knit it several times in multiple color combinations.

    One-row handspun scarf – from the Yarn Harlot. I love this because it’s reversible. Handspun or not, it makes a beautiful scarf.

  32. Congrats again for 10’years of delighting us with your adventures!!!

    I like way more than four patterns; so, I just picked the first four I could think of off the top of my head – all are found on Ravelry – Elphaba (the pullover), Ishbel Shawl, Honey Cowl and Storm Water Shawl.

    Looking forward to the next ten!

  33. “Wingspan” (found on Ravelry)
    “Criss-Cross Shrug” (from Tahki Stacy Charles)
    “Tyra Top” (from Tahki Stacy Charles)
    “Infinity Times 7” Scarf (from indestructables.com)

  34. 1. Evenstar by Susan Pandorf – I love this so much I’ve made it twice, even with the insanely long knitted on beaded border.
    2. Peacock Feathers by Dorothy Siemens – ditto (except for the long knitted on border).
    3. Hester by Elsbeth Lavold – I get more compliments on this than anything I have ever made.
    4. Rogue by Jenna Wilson – probably the most fun I’ve ever had knitting a sweater. I made a cardigan version.

  35. Congratulations on 10 years of blogging. Wish I had found you sooner. Off the top of my head my favs from FOs are:
    1. The Annis shawl, have made several, most with beads
    2. EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket, have made dozens of these
    3. Sally Melville’s L’Ennvelope. Made one for a daughter and want one for myself.
    4. The Braids cardigan

  36. Congratulations Lorette.
    My top four are goto patterns.
    1st is LaLa’s Shawl -looks great in any yarn, commercial or handspun. I put a sawtoothed border on my first.
    2nd is Tinaease Cowl designed by a friend and is my quick gift project.
    3rd is Yankee Knitter Designs Classic Socks. Every size, every weight yarn.
    4th is the Wingspan shawl – looks great in a variety of yarns and colors. I have a skein of popsicle color handspun singles waiting to be put on needles. After a pair of Yankee socks are done.

  37. Mine are more of the basic variety,

    I love the Wonderful Wallaby sweater for kids (I don’t care for the pattern writing but I do like the finished product)
    I love the Plain Talk Socks, nice basic pair of stockinette socks that fit great
    I like Dashing fingerless mitts pattern, the gift receivers always like these
    I really like the finished product on the Turn-a-Square hat, so cool

  38. Oh this is fun:
    4. Summer Flies with personal variations.
    3. Charlotte’s Web, my first foray into lace knitting.
    2. Clapotis – I’ve done five or is it six?
    1. My pattern, of course, as it had introduced me to many knitters over the years. The Herringbone Rib Scarf, pattern available for free on my blog – right column:
    Congratulations on ten years, there are few of us old-timers left.

  39. Congratulations on your anniversary! My current top four would be:

    Tesserae Sock by Anne Hanson
    Cocoon Lace Scarf & Wrap (AC-73) by Evelyn A. Clark–can’t wait to start this
    Maplewing by Anne Hanson–still looking for perfect yarn
    and for babies–the BSJ

  40. The following are just a sampling of my favorite patterns. It was hard to narrow them down.

    1) Baby Surprise Jacket by EZ
    2) Wing O’ the Moth Shawl by Anne Hanson
    3) Palindrome Hat and Scarf by Unknown
    4) Cinder by Jared Flood

    Happy celebrations!

  41. my four faves
    Gretel by Ysolda Teague
    Vancouver Fog by Jen Balfour
    Lace Wingspan by Helena Forde
    Advent Calendar Scarf 2013, 12, 11, 10 by Kristin Benecken
    I’ve knit all of these and love the finished projects.

  42. Wonderful group of comments and patterns! Congratulations on a decade well-blogged.

  43. Had to follow a friend over to you blog and now I think I am hooked!! Great reading.