That Time Of Year Again


Wintergrass! Of course we have weekend festival passes. The bluegrass fun starts tonight, though my husband double booked us with Seattle Symphony tickets for tonight, so we’ll do that tonight and switch to bluegrass tomorrow. Some of my favorites are back this year, including Väsen, a terrific group from Sweden. But every year there are always new-to-me groups that soon become favorites as well.

I haven’t showered yet today, my office is a mess, I haven’t figured out what I’m taking to Seattle with me, I have paperwork left to do from yesterday’s clinic*, but I do have my knitting packed. Why would you even ask that?

Speaking of knitting, of course I could not resist the siren song of the Color Affection.


Just in case I’m the second-to-the-last person on earth to have started one of these (over 11,000 listed on the Ravelry pattern page!), this is knit in 3 sections plus a solid edging. The first section will be grey, the second section will be stripes of the grey and white, and the third stripes of all three colors (the red is hiding up there). The edging will be red. I have enough of this started that it should be mindless plain garter stitch for the most part. And I have two pairs of plain plain socks in progress, and that plain plain plain Old Friend sweater for John that is still in progress. That should be plenty of plain knitting for the festival.

I also did get that crazy mitten restarted and knit back up to where I had to rip it all out. Here it is.


I doubt this will be festival knitting, but it might be morning coffee knitting for the weekend.

And on a melancholy note, today is the first anniversary of the date we lost our sweet Riley. We still miss her terribly, though letting Lewey be an only pup has been the best thing that’s happened to him. He’s turned into a real sweetheart. He cracks us up daily with his goofiness. I suspect Wintergrass will be a little more fun this year for us than it was last year. Great Big Fun, as one of John’s grandkids says.

Off to get packing for the weekend. I might post from the festival, if not, I’ll be back after the last banjo (or nyckelharpa, or whatever) is hung up for the weekend.

*I normally get my clinic work done while I’m actually in clinic. Yesterday after lunch we all got tossed out of the building after there was a chemical (phenol) spill across the hall from us in the family practice clinic. We all got evacuated and sent home for the rest of the day. Weird way to get a half a day off.


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That Time Of Year Again — 7 Comments

  1. That’s exciting about your day off. I am so perverse that I love that sort of thing. But in the hospital, there is no day off- just more work. Once the sewers backed up, so there was no toilet flushing or hand washing! Can you imagine? That was the day they introduced Purell, and had messengers delivering it all day everywhere. So all in all, it was a good thing. I love Purell, especially in January when the hands are already raw.

    The Color Affection will be lovely. I hadn’t seen that pattern before.

    Bluegrass sounds great. I will be doing Gregorian for the next three days.

  2. Have a wonderful time, I think it sounds great!

    I haven’t knit a Color Affection yet, but probably will at some point – I certainly have enough stash to find the yarns I’d want to use.

    Everyone at our house will say a special prayer for Riley. Give Lewey a kiss from me.

    And have a wonderful time at all of your events!

  3. Love the color affection shawl. Someday, hopefully I will be knitting one.

    A surprise day off from work is always nice. Personally, I am hoping for a snow day Monday – some predictions for the northeast are saying 12 – 17 inches! I guess March will be coming in like a lion.

    Hope you have a great time at the festival.

  4. OOh, exciting music time – enjoy! Lewey is fulfilling his destiny by making you laugh every day! I’m sure he misses Riley too in his own way. I just finished a garter type shawl and it’ll be a long while before I do Color Affection shawl I think. I am doing some different KALs right now for some varied projects on the go.

  5. Have fun bluegrassing. Love your color affection colors. It’s a fun knit.

    I guess phenol spills are a good excuse as any for a half day off.

  6. I’ve crawled out from under the rock to admit that I can be added to the list of never having seen Color Affection! Hope your weekend is going well.