The Cat’s In The Bag


No, Lucy is not trying to kill herself. I pulled Rogue out of the bag to knit yesterday morning, and within about 2 seconds Lucy was playing in the bag. Yes, I’ll be more careful to put it away from now on.

Though now that I think about it, maybe she was considering suicide. We have the neighbor’s dog here for a day or two while they have a family thing going on. Daisy is a Corgi, and just the cutest thing, though Lucy really is not impressed.


Daisy is barely a year old, so still acts like a puppy. She and Willie, the other cat, get along just fine, and she and Riley are great friends from their many trips to the park together on walks. John takes Riley to the park daily, and generally stops at the neighbors’ house and picks up Daisy as well. It’s the next best thing to having a Corgi of our own (maybe better!).

Rogue is just the most fun thing I’ve ever knit. I am done with the pocket and have resumed knitting in the round. The cables up the side are just a blast to knit. Here’s where I am:


Purty, huh?

I had a bit of a glitch (actually two) when I started to pick up the stitches after doing the pocket. The pattern calls for knitting the body in the round, then knitting the pocket back and forth on part of the front body stitches. When you’re done with the pocket, you go back and pick up a line of stitches at the inside base of the pocket, and start knitting in the round on the body again. It was a little hard to see where I was, and I kept getting off a line up or down. So out came the trusty dental floss.


I threaded it through the row of stitches I wanted to pick up, then found it very easy to keep on track. The second glitch was a slipped stitch where there shouldn’t have been one. It was at the very beginning of the pocket, and I didn’t find it till I was picking up the stitches to resume the body. In this heavy yarn I could barely tell from the front, but I knew this would bug me. I did the unravel and crochet back up trick again, which worked like a charm.


And here’s how I’m keeping track of everything:


It’s an old music stand, with a magnet board to keep everything where I can see it.

My only complaint with this pattern is that it is almost too much fun. It’s one of the few things that I’ve knit that I would consider making twice. The next one I could see in a woodsy, earthy, Druidy green. I’m a sick woman.

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The Cat’s In The Bag — 13 Comments

  1. I agree. Rogue is the most enjoyable project I’ve ever done. I have several friends working on it right now and I’m a little jealous. I have yarn and am contemplating a second version in cotton.

  2. Well, if you’re sick, so am I. I’m only to row 13 of the first panel and I’m already thinking about doing it again! I’m cardiganizing it, so I’m going to really have to think when I get to the pocket. But it is FUN!

  3. I just love your Rogue. I have been contemplating one for myself for ages but still haven’t managed to find the perfect yarn choice. I can’t wait to see yours when it is finished as I think a visit to Beaverslide will be on the cards for me! This is one of my favourite blogs!

  4. Your Rogue is looking great. Such a pretty color.
    I have the yarn and the pattern, and I will work on it someday. I did make Jeanna’s Celtic Cap, and it was a great pattern, and I’m sure the sweater is just a good.

  5. Your project looks great (color& pattern)I like the floss idea and the music stand idea! Very tidy. Your furry guest is just the cutest thing 🙂

  6. Your Rogue is looking perty indeed! I am working on furiously completing a sweatshirt type sweater for 5 yo grandson and two ponchos for his sisters. The ponchos are complete except for the weaving in of all the dadgum ends since I striped them…in all different colors.
    Happy Knitting!
    P.S. Do you favor Cecil’s over Harrison’s? We used Harrison’s in PA school, but also bought “baby” Cecil’s for more nuts and bolts reading. My Harrison’s needs updating, but I am debating on which big book I want to purchase. Do you buy updated texts and how often do you do that? (Sorry for the non-knitting content everybody.)

  7. Watching your Rogue progress is really making me want to start mine. I’ve probably left you several comments stating the same thing already.
    I love corgis too. You have a good plan there to borrow Daisy so it’s almost like you have your own!

  8. Would you mind posting where “Rogue” pattern can be seen and purchased, for us “don’t have a clue” knitters? It’s gorgeous!

  9. I have to do Rogue one of these days. Love the Corgi. They are cute and were on our list of possibilities…but a bit highstrung those working dogs.

  10. I like the Rogue!! I don’t think I’m that advanced to try something like that yet, though. I’m sticking with pretty plain stuff (when I can actually get some time in). The books are awesome, though!!! Thank you!!
    How do you like Plot Against America?

  11. Woohoo for Rogue. I love this knit. I don’t know if you saw mine. I’m doing the cardi version with no pockets. I am done the back & am on the front neck cables. I love your color! I agree with you…I could definately knit this baby again!!! 🙂