The Church of Bluegrass, Day 2

Here’s what I accomplished last night. There would have been more, but I was knitting in the dark, and had to do a few rows over.


It is too bigger. Go look at the last post and check.

And in the spirit of full disclosure, this is NOT the Ladybug Rainforest yarn that I have been calling it. It is Opal, and it was in my stash. After I got to the first yellow stripe, I thought, hmmmm. Then that big stretch of red, and the repeating blue and yellow stripes. Hmmmm. So I got out the ball band, searched through my Access database*, and discovered that this is a different Opal color scheme. I called it Candy when I entered it into the database. I don’t know if that was something I made up, or the real color name. Opal just puts numbers on the ball band. This one is 518.


Pretty, but not ladybugs. So I’m now officially changing the name to the Opal Candy Stripe Socks.

Wintergrass was toe-tappingly good last night. My pick of the evening was the all-girl Uncle Earl. They even have a clogger-girl. How can you not like them? They’re playing again this afternoon, so I need to go get my butt in the shower.

It will be partial daylight for this afternoon’s shows, so I might get some noticeable progress done!

*Yes, I have an Access database of all my yarn. It includes the yarn, manufacturer, color, yardage, gauge, what I intended to use it for, fiber content, and a photo of each yarn. I also have my storage boxes numbered, with a number beside each entry so I can find it easily. It’s a beautifully obsessive-compulsive work of art.

Ok, Ok. Here’s a screenshot of my database.


And a little research reveals that the Opal #518 comes from the 2002 Collection. I apparently made up the name.

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The Church of Bluegrass, Day 2 — 10 Comments

  1. I’ve got to do something similar. Ripping open Rubber Maid containers and throwing yarn around the room is no way to find yarn for the next project.

  2. I really need that database. Google searches will commence when I hit *enter*. I have a post-ski season goal now. Yarn and needles in dB.

  3. I so am in love with your obsessive ways with the database. You know, I just graduated college last May. I took Access. And all those other lovely Microsoft Office programs. You’d think I’d use them, wouldn’t you? All of my other files have to be just so. I mean I have an Excel file for my Stephen King books. The ones I have, need and all he has written. You’d think I would have thought of putting the yarn in one too.
    And my to-do list just keeps getting bigger.

  4. That database is amazing.
    I’ll have to dye some ladybug yarn. Red and black with little orange ladybug-poop bits for interest?