The Church of Bluegrass-Day 3

We’re having some Great Big Fun here, let me tell you. As usual, it’s a pretty eclectic group of performers here. The music has ranged from old time Appalachian flat pick twangy banjo (yes, that is a music style), to Portland Swing, to Celtic, and everything in between. We saw a group last night that set William Blake’s poetry (yes, that William Blake that they made you read in college English class) to Appalachian roots/funk/soul/gospel/tribal music (Martha Redbone).

So far, it’s tough to pick a favorite, though Steel Wheels is a contender. We’ve heard two of their sets, both superb. Today should be terrific as well. Seldom Scene is doing only two sets this year, both tonight. Doyle Lawson performs a couple of sets today, he is a little twangy traditional bluegrass for me, but his band is polished and very entertaining.

And then there is Väsen. Not bluegrass, but one of my favorite performing groups here. They play Swedish folk music, but it’s more exciting than that makes it sound. I try to hit all of their sets when they are here.

As in previous years, it might be tough to choose my favorite performer of the weekend, but we’ll see. There’s lots of bluegrass left to hear.

Knitting at the ready. I’m off to chase the banjos. Or nyckelharpas. Whatever.


The Church of Bluegrass-Day 3 — 2 Comments

  1. What is that instrument the middle boy from Vaesen plays? part fiddle, part guitar, part harp, keys like a piano. It really shows you how the above list of instruments is related.
    Julie in San Diego

  2. Another great Wintergrass in the bag. I saw Steel Wheels for the first time and loved them. Martha Redbone was a treat – what a voice! Always love Vasen. My new favorite is Molly Tuttle. I’ve listened on YouTube and was very excited to see her set. She has a bright future ahead. Happy knitting!