The Church of Bluegrass, Day Whatever This Is

Let’s sum up, shall we?

  • I fracked up both of the knitting projects I brought with me because I’m totally distracted. One is a mostly stockinette shawl, the other is a completely stocking stitch sock that I’ve knit a million times.
  • Laurie Lewis sang a “my dog died and I’m sad” song tonight, and totally destroyed both of us. John and I were weeping in our seats, then laughing hysterically at the fact that she was singing a dead dog song and we were sobbing.
  • I’m sure we’ll find this all amusing some day.

Tomorrow is the last day of Wintergrass. We haven’t enjoyed it as much this year, and that’s not surprising. I’m glad we came though, it provided a much needed bridge between this past week and next week, when real life obligations hit us like a semi truck. I might get around to posting about some of my favorite artists later on.

I’m off to fix the knitting screwups.


The Church of Bluegrass, Day Whatever This Is — 6 Comments

  1. Laughing and weeping at the same time with you! Hopefully it was cathartic and will help in the healing process.

  2. There are times you just can’t win. When the world synchronizes with your grief, that’s okay. Whatever it takes to get thru it. You’ve had a tough re-entry.

  3. It will take time. How much time? I don’t know, I’ll let you know when I get to the ‘feel better’ stage. After I lost my dear 18 year kitty, it was weeks before my heart would stop pounding every time I saw a dark sweater or anything else kitty shaped/colored on a couch or on the floor. I lost the other 18 year old kitty about 6 months later. At Christmas time I put their pictures in little ornaments for my tree. Right now, I have to be content with the ‘not miserable’ stage. *huggles* I’m so sorry for your loss.