The Mutts Are Winning

Go vote. Yes, I know the election is over. This is a different one. Go give your opinion as to what dog the Obamas should take with them to the White House in January.

Riley is voting for the Mutt category. Lewey is really disappointed that his breed is not even in the running.

Also, I forgot to show a photo of our Halloween pumpkin this year. John’s kids brought this when they came to visit the week before the election.

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The Mutts Are Winning — 7 Comments

  1. Maybe Riley can talk Lewey into voting for his group … 🙂
    Cool pumpkin! This is the first year I never got around to getting one. Shameful.

  2. I saw that earlier today at work, I sent it to a few of my co-workers, we voted for Mutt too. Although I wonder if they’ll actually go with what the public says.

  3. Kids get their hearts set on certain types of dogs, one article I read say they were thinking of a Labradoodle or Golden Doolde because they are hypoallergenic and one of the girls has bad allergies.
    Hypoallergenic dogs, really?