The New Brown Socks

OK, I figured I’d better get knitting, since you’re all expecting Man Socks here. I found the perfect guy-approved hank of yarn, in the stash, no less, which appealed to my guy’s sense of frugality.

The yarn is Mountain Colors Weaver’s Wool Quarters, a sport weight 100% wool yarn. I bought a bunch of this for socks way back when, before MC came up with their Bearfoot sock yarn. At 100% wool, this stuff has to be hand washed, and it felts like nobody’s business. It makes great socks, though. They are a bit thick to wear in dress shoes, but since I almost always wear Birkenstocks, that’s OK with me. John pretty much lives in his Birkies, too, so these will work for him as well.

Here’s what I’ve got so far. One advantage of sport weight yarn is that it knits up relatively fast.

The color is Red Tail Hawk, the pattern is my own, this time using 60 stitches and my trusty Ivore needles, in 2.75mm. The gauge I’m getting is about 7 stitches per inch.

And here’s the old next to the new:

In case you were wondering about the size of the new socks, I’ve tried these on, and they fit me with a bit of ease, meaning they’ll fit John perfectly. I think you may now be getting a sense of the full ugliness of the old socks. He was sweet to say he loved them, though. The new ones will actually be socks he can wear in public.

And in the category of small victories over my tendency to enhance the stash in the middle of the night with internet access and memorized credit card number: After I started knitting the new socks, I was reminded of how much I love this Mountain Colors yarn. In no time, I had an internet shopping cart full of new skeins. I then turned around, opened the sock box, and found 9 more hanks of this stuff already in my house. I emptied the cart, turned off the computer, and went to bed.

Next time: An update on the Tidepool Peacock shawl!

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The New Brown Socks — 18 Comments

  1. The Mountain Colors colorway is lovely in its own right. It makes your original sock look like an ugly duckling, even though it was probably very nice when it was new. I’m still impressed by a sock as a first effort. I had knitted for nearly 30 years before I attempted socks (but in my defense, I never saw sock yarn in the LYS available to me as a new knitter–perhaps I was blinded by the Day-Glo acrylic).

  2. Ah yes, the memory. Google docs solved this one…I listed the colorways I have. But that doesn’t stop me from buying NEW colorways! Or new dyers. Or or or or…..

  3. I definitely cast my vote of approval for the new ones. With 9 skeins in the stash, maybe you could hold off fixing the ugly ducklings and see how John likes the new ones. I can’t remember if you’ve inventoried your stash on Ravelry. (Nope – just checked and you haven’t). Although I’m not so fond of having my stash public, it is nice in that you can print out an Excel spread sheet of your yarn. I still don’t have all of mine in, but it does come in handy and keeps you from buying yarn you already have – or at least helps! The internet, evenings and credit card are a dangerous combination!

  4. Well, you nut! Don’t you know that is why we are supposed to get new credit cards quarterly?? So we don’t memorize the credit card numbers and make nightly raids on cyber knitting stores?
    BTW, thanks for the link…I’ve been trying to find someone who sales Mtn. Colors in both the 4/8 and the Weaver’s Wool!

  5. just lovely. I agree that you ought to finish these first and then see if the recipient doesn’t change his mind – especially if you offer to make second beautiful pair! πŸ˜‰

  6. I’m working hard on not accumulating any new yarn, at least for the next while. It gets out of hand, and disorganized so quickly. I think I have enough yarn for about fifty pairs of socks. Read my lips. No new wool.

  7. The old sock looks HUGE. I like the new one lots!
    If you entered your stash in Ravelry, you’d know what you had lurking around the house and you could shop there in the middle of the night. Just saying… πŸ™‚

  8. I’m so sorry I was one of the votes to fix the old ugly socks! I hadn’t realized how ugly they really were until next to the new one! Can I redo my vote!

  9. Oh I love the red tail hawk color, I made a scarf for Nick out of it years ago with Turkey tracks on it, it turned out beautifully, except it curled, didn’t put a large enough seed stitch border.
    They will be loved well, I’m sure.

  10. The new socks are a vast improvement over those ratty old things…John will be so stylin’ in these new socks the old ones will be a faded memory in a NY minute πŸ™‚
    I love weavers wool, I have a ton up in my closet too…I’m thinking a Chevron scarf or a cowl…mmmmm!

  11. LOVE the new yarn and the new sock! John should be proud to wear them in public! Now I’m off to be lured by yet another sock yarn supplier…..