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I need a new sweater. And it's October, so it needs to be wool. I've got a cardigan in progress, but I'm just not inspired by it. It's a top down thing in a lightweight yarn, and I'm just not loving the pattern. It's one of those patterns that has you go through all sorts of contortions while knitting just so you don't have to sew a few simple seams at the end. So it's been in time out, and I finally realized why I'm not working on it. Perhaps the time out will be permanent.

Instead, I started this.

As usual, the color isn't quite right in that photo. This is Peace Fleece, the color is Amaranth. In real life it is a deep garnet colored red, with tiny flecks of an almost blue-black. It is going to make a gorgeous sweater. Here is a photo lifted from the Peace Fleece website that shows the color better. Go buy some, so I don't feel so guilty about having enough Peace Fleece to make six or seven sweaters.

This, my friends, is the beginning of a new Rogue for me. I knitted one of these back in 2005. Those of you who have been hanging around with me for a long time might remember a little escapade involving a wine glass and three months off work that delayed the completion of my first Rogue.

Here's what the first one looked like.

My old one is starting to look a bit bedraggled, though still wearable. This pattern is so much fun, it almost knits itself. This time I have no plans to try to cut my hand to pieces with a wine glass stem though, so maybe it won't take all year to finish.



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The New Shiny — 10 Comments

  1. I remember the first one. I was almost inspired to make it at the time, but I always too hot, even when it is cold, so I have to stick to cardigans. Of course, with a little manipulation, it could turn into a cardigan. Hmmmmm! It is so pretty, and the next one is bound to be even more fabulous with such spectacular yarn.

  2. I remember that horrible accident. Yes. No repeats. The Rogue in pink is gorgeous. What yarn did you use? So I went to the Peace Fleece website and signed up for their newsletter. I might need to knit my own. It’s lovely stuff.

  3. Good Lord! That incident feels like it was just yesterday. Well, I guess you have worn the heck out of Rogue v.1 by now…