The Next Big Thing

If I ever finish that True Blue sweater for John, here’s the yarn for the Faery Ring sweater that will be next.


This is Black Water Abbey yarn, in the color Haw. I think it will be perfect for this cardigan.

And what’s that little green velvet bag in the middle? Why, buttons, of course.


Those are just the most perfect thing for this pattern. They cost more than the yarn, but I could not resist.  If the sweater wears out, I’ll cut the buttons off and re-use them. The goldsmith who make these is Carolyn Kent, though she doesn’t have her website up and running yet. These are silver, with real garnets in the center.

I’m off to the farmers market for provisions. Don’t forget that it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day!



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The Next Big Thing — 14 Comments

  1. Beautiful yarn. Is the color true on your monitor? If so, tell how you took your picture, please.

    That will be a beautiful Faery Ring sweater.

  2. that color red is going to be ever so perfect for you!
    And I, too, love those button.

    Arrgh, me matey’s – ‘ave yurselvs a right rowdy time at de m’ket.

  3. That sweater be in my queue, as well. And those be swashbuckling buttons. arrrr…does swashbuckling mean awesome? cuz’ that’s what I be trying to say. 😉

  4. Mr. Depp has brought more females to The Pirate Side than any other swashbuckler since the beginning of time.

    Hard to say which is more awesome, Mr. Depp or your yarn or the buttons…

  5. Those buttons are great. It’s appropriate that today is “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” It’s Ivy’s birthday and one of her cute things to do is to talk like a pirate.

  6. Arrr you the best little button shopper ever or what! Love this sweater, too ~ it’s on my list and moving up all the time. Great photo of the best pirate!