The P Vacations

I started to post some photos of our Portland trip this morning and realized that I completely skipped over the Phoenix trip earlier this month.

Here’s Phoenix in photos:

This is one reason I love my sweetie. He makes me drinks on airplanes. He packed his own Grey Goose vodka for me.

First stop on the way from the airport:

The family Mexican Train competition.

I got to meet Lee Ann, who was in town for a conference. Here are two knitting doctors:

I’m pretty sure that the centerpiece on that table was inspired by yarn balls. Yes, there were martinis involved.

I finished John’s socks.

The girls all got pedicures.

We went to our favorite fast food restaurant.

We also went to the Desert Botanical Garden to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit. If you have any opportunity to get to Phoenix before this leaves, go see this. It is just breathtaking.

We went to see a couple spring training baseball games also, but for some reason there is no photographic evidence of this.

OK, that’s enough photos for one day. I’ll leave Portland for another post!


The P Vacations — 14 Comments

  1. Ooh – what a great vacation. I love all the photos – I’m not sure which is my favorite. Maybe the toes.
    In N Out is a favorite stop of ours when we travel to the Southwest. Yum. Yum.

  2. I love Mexican Train dominos, we have the same set. I forced my in-laws to stay up till 2 in the morning playing it last time I was there.
    Isn’t the exhibit fabulous, it was here in St. Louis last summer. Breathtaking.

  3. Great socks and great pedicures! That Chihuly exhibit looks fantastic. I’m glad we live in an area where we can see so many of his works on display.

  4. Wow! What a vacation!! The socks are sensational–hope he likes them as much as the old ones. And the Dale Chiluly exhibit–outstanding. he did his graduate (and maybe undergraduate) work at UW-Madison. The Basketball/icehockey/auditorium facility has his work in the entry area. Not many sports arenas around with Dale Chiluly glass work in the lobby!! your sweetie should give lessons to other men….

  5. The Chihuly pictures are breathtaking! I never thought about taking booze on the plane! Do you just pack it in your quart bag so they can see it? Please let me know – a plane trip is coming up and a rum and coke would relax me greatly!

  6. Was that a foot tattoo or henna?! Very nice.
    The Chihuly pictures are amazing! Now I’m trying to remember where I’ve been in the not-too-distant past that had something of his on display… of course, since my memory is so horrible, this could’ve been in the last 3 years…

  7. Holy Cow! Lace and Grey Goose? You are a badass lace knitter!
    I saw that exhibit in Pittsburgh awhile back. His work really is breathtaking.

  8. Fabulous vacation pictures. They make me feel like I was with you and how I wish I was. 🙂

  9. Wow! Love those sculptures! Love them!
    The pedicures aren’t bad either.
    Your husband must really love you to keep you in grey goose. I have to second debbie on you being a badass lace knitter. But she forgot to add the “with a drug dealer scale” part. lol. Yes, I know. I am so witty.

  10. Oh my – I love Chihuly… and that looks like it was an amazing exhibition.
    Funny, I was down in Portland for a conference too, but I didn’t get to do any of the fun stuff like pedicures, or museums.. it was just go to the conference, and turn around and come home.
    Glad to see that you have been having fun during the home demolition (oops, I mean, remodel)