Tour de Fleece

Well, yeah. I’ve disappeared from the blog again for 2 weeks. I have no excuse. It’s not even nice outside so I could blame it on summer. I think it got all the way up to the mid-60’s today, though at least there’s been sunshine this afternoon and evening. I think everybody in this neck of the woods is just sick to death of grey and rain. It normally doesn’t hang on this long, but there you go. And I have a nasty sinus infection and/or cold, so it makes it even worse. I guess if it was gorgeous outside and I was sick, I’d be even more pissed off, so there’s that.

I have been doing a little knitting, but mostly on my plain old sock. Sinus medicine doesn’t go well with complex lace knitting, so that’s pretty much out. If you think I do stupid knitting tricks on whiskey, you should see my knitting on antihistamines and decongestants (and cough medicine, and ibuprofen, and pretty much anything else in the medicine cabinet offering even a remote possibility of relief).

I do appear to be able to spin on drugs, however. The Tour de France started today, and the Ravelry Tour de Fleece started as well. I’ve signed up, of course. It won’t be too hard, since I spin almost every day already. The only rules are that you try to spin every day that the Tour rides, and to spin something challenging on the 22nd, the toughest cycling day.

Here’s what I’m doing. Though I have 7 spindles, all with something in progress on them, I’ve chosen one to be the primary Tour spindle. Hey, you don’t see Lance changing bikes every hour, do you?*

This is the spindle entry:

Pretty, eh? Click on the picture to see. That’s a Bosworth Moosie, made out of real moose antler. Of course he’s named Bullwinkle. What else would you name a moose antler spindle? I’ve had my name on the waiting list for this since last year, and got it this week just in time for the tour. The fiber is from Anna at Corgi Hill Farm. It’s a blend of merino, camel, silk, and firestar for sparkle. Sparkle is always good. And isn’t that a lovely color? You could get a lot of Corgi hair in that and never know it. The color name is really something like Sea Salt Caramel, but I think it looks a lot like Corgi.

And this is what I’m doing on my wheel.

Yeah, I’m mixing drugs and alcohol. What can I say, I live on the edge.

The fiber is Wensleydale, from Damselfly Yarns. I finished the spinning today, and can now wade into the plying part. The goal for this is a 3 ply sock yarn. I think it will be a little heavier than fingering weight, but I’m still pleased with how it’s turning out. Here’s what Wensleydales look like, if you’re interested.

And just because I learned how to do this today, one last photo:

Hope your 4th of July is full of great picnic food and fireworks tomorrow!

*I’m making that up, I have no idea about that. He might change bikes every hour for all I know. Humor me, I’m sick.


Tour de Fleece — 8 Comments

  1. So sorry for the crud coming to visit. We’ve actually had a fairly decent day today and took the granddaughters to their first 4th of July parade. A full day of company today so I didn’t even get to spin on the first day. But I did jump in with a head start, so I think I’m covered.

  2. I did some spinning today — same old 1-1/2 pounds of wool for hubby’s vest. Nearing the end of this blue/black/pumpkin wool. I did not join the Tour, I do intend to spin and spin this summer. Did make a short detour last week to spin a different wool.

  3. And here we are cooking to death…the next week will be in the 90’s every day with high humidity. UGH!! Wanna share??

    Sorry you have that horrible crud. Isn’t there a saying that doctors make the worst patients? Who else would combine medicine and alcohol? Who else would try everything in the medicine cabinet? Guess you’ve got to join the rest of us mortals and suffer through like a real trouper. Hope you get well soon!!

    Happy 4th of July! And happy spinning!

  4. In my personal experience, doctors are usually fairly reasonable patients, and nurses are the worst. I know that I would be a horrible, horrible patient. The spinning is lovely.
    I am very fond of Wensleydale cheese. The first time I had it was at a posh party. I was very nervous because of the poshness, and accidentally set my fine linen napkin afire. Horrible!

  5. I went back and forth about doing the “Tour”. I really wanted to but finally opted out. Next year… next year!

    The spinning looks beautiful. And spinning + wine…. is that WINNING???

    Hope you feel better soon!!

  6. You made me spit water on the screen when I got the the picture with the wine and the living dangerously comment. Seriously, I hope you are feeling better. It is blistering here and with the humidity and yet another pending tropical wave, the rain and weather should keep me busy knitting.

    As always, I am in awe of the spinning. It looks beautiful and I cannot wait to see what all seven produce!