True Blue Sweater



I finished the knitting on that pesky collar yesterday, then decided to do a grafted tubular bind off, which I’ve never done before. That was more fun than a barrel of monkeys, once I figured it out. Here are the details, followed by some photos of the bind off process.

Project Details:

Yarn: Beaverslide Dry Goods worsted weight wool, color Lake Josephine.

Pattern: Jerry-rigged sweater pattern, mostly from Sweater Wizard.

Needles: Knitpicks Options wood needles,ย  size 5 & 6.

Started: November 9th, 2008, according to Ravelry, who never lies about these things. Good grief. Almost a freaking year to knit a plain stocking stitch sweater.

Finished: Today!

For: My sweetiepie, John! Doesn’t he look dashing in blue? He wouldn’t even let me have it back long enough to block those seams.

What I learned: Basic is best. Stockinette socks, stockinette sweaters, I never tire of them. I also learned how to do a tubular bind off. Here’s proof.

You can do this with 1×1 ribbing. After you do your last row, separate the stitches on 2 needles (circulars here, as it was the collar). Knit stitches go on the front needle, purls on the back. Make sure you line them up correctly when you start this. In this case I started and ripped this thing twice before I figured that out.



Then you just graft the front stitches with the back stitches using kitchener stitch, just like you would do with a sock toe. It is exactly the same process. Here’s what you end up with.


Pretty, eh? I did this using Nancie Wiseman’s instructions in the Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques. After I finished it, I googled “tubular bind off” and found a couple of places that describe this, but with the addition of four prep rows before you graft. I think it would be even prettier that way, but I’m not redoing it. Next time, I’ll do it that way, and show the difference. Don’t hold your breath, though. You know how long it takes me to knit a sweater.

Here’s my latest gadget for you all, since I know you count on me to find the best gadgets.


And inside?


Cute, huh. Go here to get yours while they last. They make great gifts.

And now that that’s finished, I’ve started on the Red Faery. I did a real gauge swatch, got gauge with size 7 needles, and I’ve done the first row of the bottom cable. More on that next post!



True Blue Sweater — 24 Comments

  1. Wow! It looks great! Handsome fellow, handsome sweater! I didn’t quite grasp the bind off, but maybe it is the sort of thing best understood if you have needles in hand. I will try it on my next sweater.

  2. Wonderful box! And the sweater is beautiful! I never did figure out tubular bindoff (or castons either), so I am impressed!

    Knitting the same design as the original isn’t much of a challenge. I like to alter the boring parts so the entire thing will be interesting. Of course, sometimes things get too interesting…

  3. The sweater looks fabulous! Handsome sweater for a handsome fella! It looks like it is the perfect sweater for a Washington winter. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. That is one great sweater, on a great looking model! ๐Ÿ™‚

    The tubular bindoff seems like something I could figure out … I’ll have to try it sometime.

    I bow down before you, oh Queen of Gadgets!

  5. Handsome, handsome guy! That color really looks good on him. Plain old stockinette is pretty useful, isn’t it, but it does get tedious to knit. Are you getting a kick back on those little containers??? Because you know I just had to order one.

  6. Awesome sweater and he looks so pleased in it! Thanks for the Folca link. I received one as a gift and adore it. Had to buy a few more for gifts and a back up should I lose mine- god forbid.

  7. Boy did that sweater turn out well! He does look good in blue. I can see he is pleased. Already have the Folca, but didn’t know there were more available! Your links are wizardly.

  8. Nice blue sweater. I love love love tublular bindoff and caston. Did it on my hubby’s green sweater, even on the pocket. It makes such a nice smooth edge.

  9. The sweater looks wonderful! I agree with you – simple is good. It’s what I’m usually drawn to when I’m buying knitwear, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Cool bind-off! It looks really easy to do so I’m going to try it the first chance I get.

    John looks great in his new blue sweater. Has he noticed the pink flecks yet?

  11. John looks oh so handsome in his newest blue sweater!! congrats on finishing it!
    and yay for the launch of the faery ring sweater. love that deep red. I’ve been working with some black water abbey wool myself. it’s rich and wild stuff.

  12. Handsome man, handsome sweater.
    The little blue box…I have an orange one. Purchased at the 100 Yen store, for yes, 100 Yen, which is roughly $1.

  13. What a cutie! Oh, and the sweater is nice, too ;^)

    The tubular bind off looks great — is it as stretchy as the ribbing? I’m thinking it probably is, since the Kitchenering essentially puts another *row* of stitches between the purls and the knits. Must try that…

  14. Looks great. I haven’t done a tubular cast off in ages. Maybe I’ll consider it again in the future. I am slowly knitting my cable. The boys were home today, so no knitting so far.

  15. Oh that is a beautiful sweater, my mom swears by the KISS method. Keep it simple, stupid. And that sweater speaks loudly in praise of that.

    Love the gadget box!

  16. Nice sweater. And I think that we and our knit worthy friends and family really like the simple, as in that sweater. We knitters like to make the complex, but the more simple seems to be what gets worn.