UFO-WIP Progress

I’ve done a little more work on that UFO/WIP pile.

The whole pile, for your reference:

And The List:

1) True Blood Faery sweater

2) Crazy King Cole Mohair thing, um, stole RIP

3) Wollmeise Squashed Frog Socks

4) Grey Ribbed Peace Fleece Socks with red accents RIP

5) Frootloops Morning Glory Stole

6) Puppy Mittens

7) Evenstar Shawl

8 ) Baktus Shawlette Finished

9) Euroflax Linen Facecloth Finished

10) Spirit In The Sky Beret Finished

First up, #2 on the list.

This is really pretty stuff, but it just wasn’t working. The yarn is King Cole Luxury Mohair, color Biaritz, which is gorgeous. I started this a really loooooonggggg time ago, and just picked up needles and cast on for a garter stitch stole thing. This yarn deserves better, I just don’t know what. I do know that I have no plans to rip mohair anytime again in the near future. If it hadn’t have been 7AM, I’d have considered whiskey. I’m thinking that a feather and fan stole might show this yarn off to better advantage, but for now it’s back in the stash. RIP!

Next is some lovely Peace Fleece.

This was a misguided attempt to use leftovers. I had the Ukrainian Red leftover from a hat that I made a friend, and a couple of skeins of Negotiation Grey from John’s sweater. I decided I would make some heavy weight socks, with the red for cuffs, heels, and toes. I started the ribbing, and hated how it was working out, and it has been in the UFO pile for over two years. I pulled it out of the box yesterday and knit a row and gave up. It needs to be on smaller needles, and wasn’t working with a 2 by 2 rib. Then I tried to find the rest of the grey, and it’s disappeared into the stash somewhere. If you’ve seen my stash, you well know that this is a serious problem. There is no way I will ever find it.  The only way I ever find anything in my stash is if I put it into numbered boxes and record the item in my Mac Bento database. If I just jam something into a box to get it off the floor, thinking I’ll remember where it is, I am totally screwed.  So this one bit the dust as well. The red yarn is in a numbered box, and it’s recorded, so if I ever find the grey yarn, I might resurrect this. For now, it’s gone. RIP!

That leaves me with 5 active projects, which is a lot more manageable. I’d like to get one of those shawls off the list, and then I’ll be at the perfect WIP number: 1 sweater-like project, 1 sock project, 1 lace project, and 1 other small interesting project.

Have a happy Summer Solstice! It’s 51 degrees here, overcast and grey, and forecast to be drizzly all day. Ick. We might break out the gin and tonics tonight anyway, even if the weather’s not cooperating.

And one last item. I have been getting a ton of spam comments lately. My spam filter picks them up and puts them in a holding cell, and usually I scan through them to make sure a real comment wasn’t tagged by mistake. There were so many of them when I signed in this morning that I just deleted them. If you have left a real comment, and it’s not showing up, try again, or email me at loretteireneatcomcastdotnet to let me know.

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UFO-WIP Progress — 11 Comments

  1. Congratulations on UFO reduction. Always gratifying, even if achieved by admitting defeat and frogging.

    It’s not looking very solsticey around here, is it? This is more what you might expect for the other one.

  2. Congrats on the UFO reduction! It is gratifying to mark them off no matter how it happens.

    As for the solstice…it is a wonderful 95 degrees outside with a feels like 102…I’m heading out poolside with a frozen adult beverage to celebrate…

  3. Five is definitely more manageable!

    It’s a cool 100 here today at the DFW Metroplex. I need to go north.

  4. Even before scrolling down on your post, when I saw that mohair I thought, “I hope she doesn’t have to frog that!” Ripping out mohair is an exercise in frustration. Cool here too, but beats the weather in the midwest.

  5. looking good there!
    How about a feather duster shawl with that mohair? Its an amazing pattern (available thru Ravelry)I’ve got the pattern, just am looking for the right mohair (and a few hundred hours of time!)

  6. Strong work! Yes, on the mohair. Makes you want to rip your OWN hair out. Since wine didn’t help me, I’m sure whiskey wouldn’t help you. All you would do is cut it and regret that later.

  7. I’m impressed with how virtuous you are with your UFO/WIP list–and I wish it were catching. A feather and fan stitch will look great with that mohair. Should you actually need a pattern for that sort of thing, Scarf Style has a nice one.

  8. Such pretty red yarn. Hopefully you’ll find the gray and find a good project for it. Feather & Fan would look lovely in that mohair. And, the yarn you spun from your last post is fabulous!