Uh-Oh, There Goes The Yarn Budget

This year’s house project is going to be the deck overlooking the lake. We’ve known that there were some problems lurking underneath the deck surface, and had scheduled the guys to come out this past week to start work. We knew that it would be more than just a resurfacing project, as the beam under the railing has progressively become more warped and twisted, leading us all to believe that there was some major water damage underneath.

The guys started by taking off the railing, then started to peel off the stucco. Here’s what they found, in a photo essay.





If there was a soundtrack to this post, I think there would be puking noises accompanying that last photo.

The damage extends at least under the bay windows of the kitchen, which means that it’s not just a deck project any more. They are coming back Monday with reinforcements to peel more stucco and find out just how far this goes.

We decided to drink martinis that night. Lots of them. And every night since. Needless to say, we’re not sitting on the deck to drink them.

And I’m not just on a yarn buying freeze anymore. Horrors, the wine budget might have to get slashed, too. Good thing I have a decent stash of both.

I’m a bit too queasy after that pictorial essay to post any knitting pictures. Maybe next time.

On Google searches:

Now this is the best google search that got someone here in a very long time. “Knitting related tattoos”. If you type that into Google, I’m the first thing that comes up. Makes a nearly-fifty year old girl proud.

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Uh-Oh, There Goes The Yarn Budget — 14 Comments

  1. Oh dear. That beam is impressively rotten. Hopefully it doesn’t extend much farther. I’m sure martinis will help, though. But since I don’t like martinis, I’ll drink a beer for you.

  2. While you drink the martinis, I’ll hoist a marguerita for you! That does look like enough to make one quite ill! The silver lining is that it didn’t happen on Dec 21 after all the presents were bought! Hang in there – not on the deck!

  3. The google search is excellent. The deck damage that’s eating your house is NOT. Eeeeek! I will have a glass of wine or two for you and send luck your way…

  4. Yikes! It made me a little sick too. But at least we won’t be hearing about you on the KOMO 4 news as the family that perished when their deck collapsed. And you DO have a stash, right? Which gives the rest of us added incentive to stash now while we can. I guess.

  5. Oh gosh. Well, this is one of those good lessons in doing it right so you don’t die later. I’m glad you are getting this taken care of before the worse thing, damage to you or your family, could happen.

  6. Having just come through the most nauseating home addition myself – the original addition was excavated – they hit a mystery septic field. It was then filled in. We now have a very beautiful addition on the OTHER side of the house that is much bigger, better and of course more money – but well, it worked out. I hope your deck redo/repair works out for you and just know I feel your pain, and panic.

  7. Yikes!! What a disaster! At least you’re catching it before someone got hurt!
    I hope the martini’s hold out to ease you thru it!

  8. Girl I am right there with you. This is one thing I can relate to! When my carpenter started replacing my deck he realized there wasn’t really anything supporting my mudroom (it was sort of levitating!) and then there was a rotted sill that had been a buffet bar for carpenter ants (fortunately from long ago – no recent damage). In short my deck replacement ended up costing me twice what I had budgeted. Good luck with your project!

  9. Yikes.. Please stop reminding me that my own front deck it in need of a major overhaul!!ACK!
    For what it’s worth.. it looks like a very lovely deck.. well the roof is really cool! And it will be great when it’s all fixed up!
    ooh and save a margurita for me..

  10. That just made me scrunch my face in a very ugly way! Your house is so beautiful and behind the face is THAT???? wow!!!! you just wonder…hope there is a way to fix this without to much trouble!