Umm, Yeah, About The Blog

Oops, I forgot to blog again. Not only that, I almost forgot to knit, and spin. There have been lots of summery distractions going on here, and I still haven’t finished the mystery Electric Blue Baby project, for that baby that was born a few weeks ago now.

Here’s the same photo, to remind you.

Sheesh, electric blue cotton/acrylic garter stitch. Could anything be more exciting? And I feel too guilty not working on it to knit anything else in the line up. And I can’t even show photos on the blog. Sheesh.

So what else have I been up to, besides not knitting and not spinning? The weather here has just plain sucked. I guess we shouldn’t complain, since we don’t have the triple digit temperatures that lots of places have been stuck with, but it got all the way to the 60’s today. And it rained, again. One of the local weather people calculated that we’ve had exactly 78 minutes of summer so far this year, meaning we’ve only had 78 MINUTES so far where the temperature was over 80. That’s less than two hours of summer so far, people.

I did shop a little bit. My friend and fellow blogger, Dorothy, has her own Etsy shop. Recently she made a couple of bags and put them up for sale. Here’s what I bought.

Knitting project removed, of course, since I can’t show it on the blog. Aren’t those cute? And how could I not buy a Corgi bag?

I’m off to find a wool sweater to stay warm. Later!


Umm, Yeah, About The Blog — 13 Comments

  1. I am in Baton Rouge visiting my daughter’s family & it is actually cooler (by several degrees) than in Chicago & has been the entire time I’ve been here. It was 102* in Oak Park when I checked a couple of hours ago. With a heat index of 111* – that’s about 11* higher than southern Louisiana! Although the humidity is really excessive here – the heat index is still lower than Chicago. It should be cooler (80’s) by the time I get home next week.

  2. Ha! I keep forgetting to blog too. Not that I have much to blog about. So glad you like the Corgi bag. I got a request from Mei-Mei today to have Maggie on a shirt. Tri-colors are very difficult to stitch out, but I did a simplified version for her. Now to get her out of the sun dress that she insists on wearing EVERY day, sun or not!

  3. Yeah, and if you count hours/minutes where the temperature has been above 75? It’s only 18 hours and 48 minutes. TOTAL. That’s not even a full day! I hate it here.

  4. That is 78 minutes too long for me. I begin to whine when the thermometer tops 70. I love this summer. Rebecca and I walked to the U District today. It was sunny when we started, but then the heavens opened up. She told me I had a stream of water pouring from my nose tip – rain, not bodily fluid. We were soaked, but it was warmish, so it was novel and fun.

  5. Yup. You should be delighted that you are cold! You can always put something on; in this heat you can’t always take everything off! LOL I’ll trade your cold and rain for this horrible heat any day. But we knew it would be a bad summer…we had a horrible winter. Ah, well. This too shall pass.

    LOVE the corgi bag! I can’t resist anything corgi either since my mom got a tri-color. Talk about an awesome breed!!

  6. Have missed reading about you and your “going ons (or should it be “goings on”).” I am very envious of your weather since I live in Texas where we are longing for coolness and rain. I hate hot weather and am longing for winter.

    Love your corgi bag.

  7. glad to know that i am not the only one with blogging difficulties. lots of garterstitch and sekrit projects make for pretty dull reading material! glad to see you resurface though, are you going to SS?

  8. I was wondering about you. Hey, I’d sign up for your kind of weather, though I am sure you get tired of hearing this. It’s always greener in other people’s blogs, eh? 😉

  9. We were in Florida last week, and although warm and humid, it was way nicer to what we are/have been having at home.

    FYI – Garter stitch projects are great for movie theater knitter…

  10. Love the bag very cute! No knitting here on the east coast trying to survive the triple digit temps! I know I will be nostalgic for the warm weather come January! LOL