I had a cheerful post-Thanksgiving post all planned for today, but as of this morning, I’m sort of out of the mood for cheerful. Four local police officers were gunned down as they sat in a local coffee shop, just a few miles from our house, prior to starting their morning shift. The lunatic who shot them is still at large, and police helicopters are circling over our house. I’m generally not easily spooked, and awfully lax about locking doors and such, but you can bet we’ve checked everything twice and battened down the hatches. Hopefully they’ll catch the guy soon, and we can all sleep easier, but I cannot imagine what the officers’ families are going through tonight. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Work is going well, even though I haven’t posted in a while. Eventually I’ll be in a rotation where I’ll work about two thirds in the hospital and the rest in the office, but for now I’m in the office still, learning the computer system. It’s going well, and I’ve been thoroughly welcomed and oriented nearly to death, which is a good thing. I’m not seeing that many patients daily yet, since they really want me up to speed with the computer system first, so I’ve had plenty of time to get to know how things work. This next week will be my last full week in the office, then I go to the hospital for most of the December shifts, with an unexpected week off before Christmas. Of course, I have to work Christmas, but that works for me. Somebody has to do it, and I got Thanksgiving and New Years off to compensate. I go into the regular shift rotation after the next round of holidays. So it’s all good. And spinning and knitting are proceeding. When I feel that cheerful mood again, I’ll post photos.

Have a good week, and hug your loved ones tonight. Be careful out there.


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  1. Oh dear! As with everyone else, my prayers go out for the families of the officers…both those that were shot and those who fear that will happen every time they kiss them good-bye on their way to work. It’s a scary time for everyone. I hope the bad guy is found soon and brought to justice. (And I pray that you and your neighbors stay safe, too!)

    Glad work is going well for you. Was wondering if you would have to work Christmas Day or not…………

  2. Ooops! Just reading the last part of my post makes me sound stupid or something. What I meant to say was that I had been wondering about you having to work Christmas and now we all know you do. Ahhhhhhh, words.

  3. When I heard the news my heart just sank. I knew it was probably very near you. This is just devastating, especially coming so soon after the Seattle officer’s death. I hope their families know how much we appreciate them being out there keeping us safe. As a firefighter, Bill worked a lot of Christmases, so we were quite adept at celebrating at other times. I will be thinking of you, though.

  4. Oh that’s horrible! Whenever I pass an accident or see something on the news I always pray for the victims and their families. I can’t even imagine their sorrow and agony. *Hug* to all. Stay safe.

  5. My thoughts have been with the families of the officers all day – & the worried residents of the area. Stay safe. As for the holidays – we celebrate whenever we can get together – doesn’t have to be on the day. When my girls were in college, they always had finals right around Mother’s Day so we never got to celebrate on the day. And with one daughter in California, we will likely not spend too many holidays together. I spent Thanksgiving with other daughter & nieces & nephew at nephew’s house (bonus – got to meet their new baby). Ca daughter spent the week in Mississippi with in laws. We all hate traveling (esp flying) on the super busy days so, instead of going to Ca for Xmas, we are mailing presents & will have an extended family (the 2 old geezers, both daughters, son in law & 3 grands) vacation for a week in Feb in Carlsbad – Legoland, San Diego Zoo, etc. Maybe even Disneyland. I hope they catch that lunatic soon.

  6. Just heard on the news they may have found the guy. There is no fate for him that will ever serve to punish adequately for what he did.

  7. That has even hit the local news here in Florida. It is totally unreal and one of those “what is the world coming to” moments.

  8. This story literally makes me sick…how can four police officers be shot and killed in an execution that was a targeted ambush…and in broad daylight? Their families are certainly in my thoughts and prayers…this is tragic beyond words…hardly in “the line of duty”. God bless them all.

  9. I just read about this awful tragedy in this morning’s paper. My thoughts are with all of you in the neighborhood and the friends and families this has so sadly affected.

  10. It’s so tragic. I’m sorry you had such a scare, and am keeping the families of the fallen in my heart. I hope they catch the guy, tho’ on the news this afternoon they said he was wounded by one of the officers and could be dead.

    I’m glad work is going well – YOU stay safe.

  11. There are a lot of crazies in the world, please lock your doors, especially now since you told us all you often don’t!

    Glad everything is going well at the new office.

  12. That is awful! I pray that they catch this person and that the officers’ families can rest in peace knowing that he has been brought to justice. This is an awful thing and so close to Xmas too. Poor dears.

  13. indeed a horrid tragedy. I cannot imagine what their families are going through right now.

    I’m glad that you are settling in at your new job. I’ll bet that you are only just beginning to “unwind” from all the stress of the previous job. Hurray for normal living.

  14. Disturbing. As a Doc, I know you will understand this when I say: with all the terrible things that can happen to us without help from anybody (illness, natural disasters,random accidents, etc.), do we really need to add to it??
    Every day is a blessing.
    Have a party at work on Christmas! I worked double shifts every Xmas and Xmas Eve in Boston, to give the people with small kids the time with their families. I was in my early 20’s, with no kids. We had GREAT parties with the ‘work-family’, lots of food, a grab (inexpensive, but fun), and often included our regular patients in the mix. And this was in the ER!