We Are Ready

Wintergrass has begun! Even Sweetpea is ready.*

Things started up last night. Here are some really crappy phone photos.

That is Solas, an Irish band. Very high energy, with talented musicians. And a flute! You can't beat a flute at a bluegrass festival. They had an accordion man too.

Steel Wheels. They were a huge hit last night, just as they were last year. They are playing a couple more sets this weekend, so I'm sure I'll get to hear them again.

Wintergrass has been in Bellevue for the last few years, which was a bit odd at first. Bellevue isn't exactly known for its roots/folk/banjo vibe. It's more of a glass walled high rise/expensive restaurants and Nordstrom's place. The theme the first year they moved the festival up here was something like “Bellevue–it's a hard place to suffer”. We've come to appreciate it though. I have three words: Din Tai Fung. It's the famous dumpling restaurant, and it's right across the street from our hotel. We can almost see them making dumplings from our room. We're headed there later this morning as soon as they open.

And even more fun! Dorothy of Missouri Star blog and her husband Bill are here for their first WG weekend! Here are the two of us last night, knitting and spinning.

As usual, it was the man sitting next to John that asked me about the spindle. His mother was a spinner, spun and dyed her own wool, with natural dyes no less.

More updates later!

*And no, Sweetpea didn't get her own wristband. That's mine. My hands are so skinny that I can just slide the band off. They don't need to worry about me loaning my ticket to anybody though, I'm not sharing.



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  1. I heard Solas a couple of years ago when they appeared at the Lowell (MA) Folk Festival in the summer. They were fabulous! Hope you enjoy all the performers!