We Have Winners!

Boy, I keep forgetting how putting up the “Free Yarn!” sign gets people to comment. I haven’t even come close to replying to all of you, but thanks for all the terrific suggestions for knitting patterns. I found some great suggestions in there, many that weren’t on my ever-growing Ravelry queue yet.

I know, I know. Quit yapping, Lorette, and get to the winners. I used a random number generator, crossed out the handful of people who said inexplicably that they didn’t want any yarn, and numbered the rest.

The first winner is Dorothy, of Missouri Star fame. She wins the red yarn (see previous post for a picture). I’m thinking that this would make a cute little girl’s dress! Or maybe an adult vest or short sleeve summer top. Dorothy’s favorite pattern is the Evenstar shawl, which I have as a UFO in a bag upstairs. It will get finished eventually.

The second is Debi, who commented that she likes to knit patterns she makes using EZ’s percentage system. This is actually a technique I’ve never tried, but may do so for my next sweater project. Debi gets the two skeins of sock yarn.

Next time, some finished spinning, and my report on how I did with my March knitting and spinning goals! Congratulations to the winners, and thanks again to all of you who keep up with my silliness!

Oh, and Lewey says “thanks” to all of you who were sad that he wasn’t one of the prizes!


We Have Winners! — 6 Comments

  1. I think Lewey must have put in a good word for me as a fellow Corgi owner (although who owns whom remains to be seen!). Thanks – I’m looking forward to getting the red yarn.

  2. Lewey is just wonderful!

    I can’t wait to see how you fared on your March goals. I had mine in front of me last night so that I could get the post ready…not happy with myself but life happens.

    Congrats to both winners!

  3. This is terrific, I have never won anything before so a big WHOOP WHOOP from me. happy dance to follow

  4. Lewey is pretty cute! Congratulations to the winners! Thanks for having the contest Lorette

  5. I wandered away from the blogs this week and missed free yarn! Ah well – congrats to the winners, and happy blogiversary!