Weekend Knitting

Here’s what I did most of the weekend:


And Willie’s main activity:


He likes to sleep in Riley’s crate. Sometimes he even sleeps in there when Riley is in the crate.

I finished the second sleeve on the “Audrey” sweater.


This went relatively smoothly, after I screwed up the first row after the cast-on about 4 times and had to start over.  Don’t even ask how one screws up the first row of a pattern 4 different times. Here is a close up of the sleeve cap decreases.


Here is my “gadget” photo of the day:


Somehow I ended up with an extra music stand in my house.  This one got put to work as a pattern stand.

I started the second “Audrey” sleeve today.  Now that I have figured out where to do the increases and decreases, this one should go fairly quickly.  (I know, I know; that’s tempting the knitting gods again.)

A nice little package arrived in the mail today as well, from here.


This is Phildar Aviso, a cotton/acrylic blend that is just as soft as the Rowan Calmer.  I had trouble getting this red to photograph correctly; the true color is a crayon/lipstick red, and not as orange-y as in the photo.  I finally broke down and ordered this to make the “Kate” sweater from Phildar Famille Spring 2004.  Here is a photo from the Kate Along blog.

I’m not too sure when I will do this.  I want to do one more lightweight sweater before winter gets here, then start on the Rogue sweater as my main winter project.  How to choose, how to choose??  I think this calls for a glass of wine to aid in the decision making process!


Weekend Knitting — 3 Comments

  1. I love the color of your Audrey. I’m knitting her in the color Drift.It’s just off white. I can’t wait to see yours when your done!
    Happy knitting! 🙂