Well, This is Going To Be Fun


Please Send Whisky

I was moving right along on the Eerily Electrifyingly Blue Baby Project. We took a trip to the Olympia Farmers’ Market today to stock up. I shoved it in my bag to knit on the way.

Then this happened.


Well, just screw this, I say. I’m close to the end of the first skein of this, I’m tempted to just cut it off and try to unravel it later if I need it. But if I NEED it, it will end up being on the knitted on edging. This thing is one of those (secret until the baby is born) three part projects: big center thing knit flat, then pick up stitches and knit a bunch in the round until I have a million stitches, then an endless lace knitted on edge. I really wouldn’t want to have to splice in more yarn at that point. So I’ll pour some whisky and get it unraveled.

Here’s another photo with the famous Batdorf and Bronson* goats.


I was hoping they’d help, but no such luck. And after all, this just wouldn’t be The Knitting Doctor without knitting screw-ups and whisky, would it?

*For the longest time, I couldn’t remember the company name, even though we buy their coffee all the time. So we started calling it Batman and Robin, which it has remained.

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