What Has Brown Done For You Lately?

The UPS guy stops by our house regularly; so much so that the dog recognizes his truck and goes into that total body wag that only a happy dog can do.  She has learned to expect a dog treat from him, so makes a point of running out, giving him a friendly nudge with her nose, then tries to get into his truck.  Me too.

This is what he brought Friday:


This is from Beaverslide Dry Goods, a wool company in Montana.

Colors from left to right are: Nightshade, Snowberry, Swift Current, and Hidden Lake.

Here is a close-up of the Snowberry:


It looks like strawberry ice cream to me.  I am planning on eventually making Rogue with this color.  I just have a few things in the to-do list before I get to that though.  I think the other colors will be heavy winter socks or maybe hats.  I have a couple other colors of this in my stash and swatched for Rogue with one of those, and I think it will be perfect.

I am still working on John’s sweater; you know, the one with the blue and white boring slip stitch pattern.  Rather than taking up bandwidth with another picture, refer to below.  It looks exactly the same, just more rows.  I’ll wait to post a picture of it until I get to the shoulders of the front.
I almost ripped the whole 4 or 5 inches of the front striped section out yesterday.  I measured it against the back piece, and  just eyeballing it, it looked like it was about an inch wider across.  I said a few bad words, then checked the needles to make sure I hadn’t started the body on the wrong ones, which wasn’t the case.  Jeesh, how the heck could my gauge be so wildly different?  The ribbing section was exactly the same width as the back, it was just the striped part that was wider.  I just calmly folded it up, put it in its little bag, and went to bed.  Today when I took it out and measured it, it was fine.  Who knows.  I think I must not have had the edges of the back all straight and uncurled when I looked at it the first time.

Time to go knit…the sooner I finish this sweater, the sooner I can start a new one!

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What Has Brown Done For You Lately? — 4 Comments

  1. What yummy colors! Thanks for the link. Perhaps after my next paycheck I’ll be able to arrange for a visit from UPS.
    I’m glad your sweater measurements worked out! I like that slipstitch pattern.

  2. I have the Beaverslide color cards and am just waiting for the opportunity to start a project with this yarn. I was thinking that the Lo-tech Sweat from ChicKnits would be just perfect in one of the fuzzy McTaggart Tweeds… Tell us, is this yarn as wonderful in the skein as I think it must be?

  3. Yes indeed. It is beautiful yarn. I settled on the snowberry, and the box came this week with enough to make Rogue in it!